Ready to Ignite in 2024: REACH24H Set to Break Barriers and Build Competence

Apr. 09th, 2024

This annual report goes beyond being a mere score sheet of our progress in various sectors such as chemicals, agrochemicals, biocides, cosmetics, food, FCMs, pharmaceuticals, and carbon-neutral initiatives. It is a comprehensive reflection of how these sectors have evolved in the global market throughout the year. (Read REACH24H Annual Report 2023)

HANGZHOU, 9 April 2024 – REACH24H Consulting Group proudly presents its Annual Report for 2023, showcasing a year of remarkable achievements amidst the challenges faced by businesses worldwide. As markets become increasingly complex and trading barriers rise, REACH24H remains dedicated to helping companies navigate these obstacles and find new opportunities.

Industries have witnessed significant changes in the past quarter of 2024, with stricter regulations and a growing focus on environmental and health safety. REACH24H is committed to staying ahead of the curve and identifying emerging trends in line with the world’s evolving vision. In the Annual Report, you can find key insights and timely compliance-related information across multiple sectors, highlighting the opportunities that demand attention.

We have prepared the 2024 Regulatory Outlook for you and we are here to lend a helping hand to those seeking stability and progress in these dynamic times.  

Ready to Ignite in 2024: REACH24H Set to Break Barriers and Build Competence

Here is a glimpse of the priority areas where REACH24H has excelled alongside our valued clients and partners.

Hitting Technical Barriers for Corporates in Multiple Sectors

REACH24H has played a crucial role in helping nearly 12,000 companies worldwide overcome technical trade barriers and navigate the global market smoothly. We have continuously enhanced our technical capabilities, expanded the depth and breadth of our services, and proactively responded to market demands to overcome business challenges.

  • Chemical Compliance: To date, our chemical compliance services have expanded to encompass over 20 countries and regions, supported by a dedicated team of more than 90 professionals.
  • Agrochemical Compliance: We showcased our proficiency and expertise in agrochemical compliance services, delivering tangible value through collaboration with the industry.
  • Cosmetics Compliance: We also assist cosmetic companies in expanding their global market presence and navigating compliance hurdles in different countries.
  • Food Contact Materials Compliance: We have achieved a growth of 108% in the field of recycled plastics compliance in global market.
  • Food Compliance: We expanded food compliance services to cover the entire lifecycle of food imports.
  • Pharmaceutical Compliance: We gained extensive experience in pharmaceutical service projects, including Drug Master File(DMF) filing/annual report services, U.S. over-the-counter(OTC) drug listing services, and drug registrations with the Center for Drug Evaluation(CDE), NMPA.
  • Carbon-Neutrality: We achieved a 300% growth in low-carbon sustainable businesses such as product carbon footprint assessments.

Promoting Communication and Collaboration

  • CRAC 2023: REACH24H hosted the 15th Chemical Regulatory Annual Conference (CRAC 2023) in person on Nov. 16-17, 2023, gathering government agencies and industry associations from the chemical, pesticide, and FCM sectors. With over 430 participants as officials, policymakers, and experts representing various global government agencies and institutions, CRAC 2023 provided a platform for fostering close communication and collaboration within sectors worldwide. (Read more)
  • We have engaged in close communication and collaboration with global authorities and institutions:
    • Shanghai Customs and the National Registration Center of Chemicals(NRCC) of China’s Ministry of Emergency Management
    • China Association of Fragrance Flavour and Cosmetic Industries(CAFFCI),
    • South Korea’s Ministry of Environment(MoE)
    • National Institute of Environmental Research(NIER)
    • Korea Institute of Industrial Technology(KITECH)
    • European Chemicals Agency (ECHA)
    • S. Department of Commerce
    • S. Environmental Protection Agency(EPA)
    • the American Chemistry Council(ACC)
    • Household & Commercial Products Association(HCPA)
    • Council on Safe Transportation of Hazardous Articles(COSTHA)

Leveraging Technology and Innovate for Better Service Experience

We have witnessed the successful implementation and rapid adoption of our intelligent tools, empowering businesses to navigate complex regulatory landscapes efficiently and effectively.

  • CHEMWISE: Intelligent Chemical Safety Management System
  • RISKWISE: Intelligent Risk Management System for Chemicals
  • AI-Empowered Compliance Services

We have embarked on a new trip on chemical inspection and testing services. A comprehensive range of services is available now, including identification and classification for hazardous chemicals, physicochemical testing, etc. (Read more)

Taking Social Responsibility

  • Commitment to Social Welfare: Participating in voluntary teaching programs in Yunnan Province and visiting Care Homes for the elderly in Hangzhou City…
  • Focusing on Employee Development: Promoting women empowerment and support, with 63% of our high-level managers being women…

We are proud to have partnered with forward-thinking organizations, embracing innovation and taking responsibility for a better future.

As we embark on the next chapter, REACH24H remains committed to breaking barriers, fostering competence, and paving the way for a brighter and more sustainable world.