REACH24H Concludes CRAC 2023 with a Focus on Compliance and Sustainability

Nov. 27th, 2023

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SHANGHAI, 27 November 2023 – The Chemical Regulatory Annual Conference (CRAC 2023) concluded successfully in Shanghai, China, under the theme “Together We Break Barriers.” The two-day conference, which focused on compliance and sustainability, provided valuable insights into the development trends and regulatory updates in the chemical, pesticide, and recycled plastics sectors, particularly within major trading areas.


Organized by REACH24H Consulting Group, in collaboration with esteemed partners such as China Essential Oils, Aroma and Spices Trade Association, Shanghai Customs Brokers Association, CCPIT Sub-Council of Chemical Industry, Shanghai Fertilizer Pesticide Trade Association, Zhejiang Crop Protection Industry Association, Shandong Agricultural Operative Material Association, VEGA Hub, and Guidechem, CRAC 2023 received tremendous support.

The conference was also enriched by media partners including Xinhua News, China Environmental News, China Chemical Industry News, Japan Chemical Daily, AgroPages, and our flagship media platform, ChemLinked, who played a pivotal role in disseminating information about the conference.

CRAC 2023 partners

With over 430 participants from around the world, including more than 40 officials, policymakers, and experts representing various global government agencies and institutions, CRAC 2023 provided a platform for fostering close communication and collaboration within sectors worldwide.

In his opening speech, Mr. Fangwei Hong, President of REACH24H Consulting Group, delivered an inspiring message, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and communication in an ever-changing world. He highlighted the conference as a catalyst for fostering innovation and compliance within the industry.

CRAC 2023 hong fangwei xiao xuezhi CRAC 2023 xiao jian CRAC 2023

Noteworthy keynote speakers at the conference included Mr. Xuezhi Xiao, Chief Scientist from the Foreign Environmental Cooperation Center, China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment, and Mr. Jian Xiao, President of the Shanghai Customs Brokers Association. Both of them emphasized sustainability as an unstoppable trend and encouraged enterprises to actively embrace changes and fulfil compliance duties in innovative ways.

Towards a Sustainable Future: Focusing on Global Chemical Management

As the “dual carbon” policy has been enriched by the Chinese national government and local administrations in these years, sustainability has become a promising blueprint and a challenge for those seeking to enter and succeed in the Chinese market. In addition, with the development of digitalization and informatization, the management of hazardous chemicals has also evolved in both theory and practice, posing new perspectives and opportunities for companies. At CRAC 2023, we have addressed not only the anticipated updates in chemical regulations worldwide but also several related sectors to broaden the industry’s horizons.

Under the global chemical management sessions, we invited Ms. Tingting Yu from Department of Solid Wastes and Chemicals, China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Ms. Yan Ma from Solid Waste and Chemicals Management Center, China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Ms. Catherine Cornu, Senior Scientific Officer from European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), Mr. Henrik Hedlund, Chair of Enforcement Forum, European Chemicals Agency, Mr. Aman Sharma, Global Regulatory Affairs Consultant from REACH24H Consulting Group, Ms. Yahui Ni, General Manager of Environmental Resource International Co., Ltd, Ms. Peipei Zhang, Technical Director from REACH24H Consulting Group, and Mr. Jaewoong Lee, Government Research Officer of South Korea’s National Institute of Environmental Research (NIER), to introduce regulatory updates and enforcement insights in the Chinese Mainland, China’s Taiwan, South Korea, India, the EU, Turkey, etc.

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Since the “dual carbon” policy has been released and implemented accordingly, carbon neutrality has become an important requirement in China’s future development. Based on that background, we have invited Mr. Qimin Chai, Director for Strategy and Planning China’s National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation (NCSC), Ms. Liangwei Zhu, Deputy Head of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, and Mr. Bixuan Wu, Special Researcher of China Carbon Neutrality Forum from Hiways Law Firm, to update the global trends in sustainability and the foreseeing some ways out in this promising industry.

In the sessions focused on TDG (Transportation of Dangerous Goods) and Hazardous Chemicals, notable speakers included Mr. Hongxin Yuan, Director of the Dangerous Goods Expert Committee of the Shanghai Customs Brokers Association, Techinical Expert at Shanghai Customs, Ms. Wenji Fan, Associate Researcher from China’s Research Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport, Ms. Jie Chen, Deputy Director of China Airline Pilots Association, Ms. Binglin Lu, Senior Engineer China Packaging Research & Test Center (CPRTC), Mr. Willi Wesselowscky, Senior Expert for Dangerous Goods Management & Plant Safety of UMCO GmbH, Mr. Terry Guo, Regulatory Specialist from American Institute of Hazardous Materials Management (IHMM), Mr. Jinhe Chen, Safety Engineer of National Registration Center of Chemicals (NRCC) of China’s Ministry of Emergency Management, Mr. Wei Xu, Expert from Shanghai Emergency Management Bureau, and Mr. Xin Yu, Senior Engineer from Shanghai Emergency Management and Chemical Registration Center. They addressed crucial topics such as lithium battery transportation and the renowned “One Enterprise, One Product, One QR Code” policies. These informative presentations shared the latest management trends and compliance strategies, thereby easing obstacles in chemical import and export within various important trading markets.

Furthermore, enterprise representatives showcased their unique solutions to these challenges. Mr. Deliang Su, General Manager of Shanghai Haifan Technology Co., Ltd., and Mr. Heming Wang, Deputy General Manager of Environment Digital Technology Co., Ltd., shared their experiences leveraging QR codes to simplify and enhance processes through intelligent management systems.

Spotting a Possible Way Out in Pesticide and Recycled-Plastic Sectors

Over the past few years, the pesticide industry has faced significant challenges as certain substances have been restricted or banned due to safety concerns and environmental risks in major trading regions, making it more important than ever for the industry to find innovative ways to adapt and succeed. As policies and updates are constantly testing companies’ resilience, it is crucial for the industry to find a way out of this dilemma.

In the pesticide sessions at CRAC 2023, several esteemed speakers were invited to share their expertise. Ms. Li Zhao, Deputy Director of the Shanghai Chemical Examination & Mensuration Institution delivered the opening remarks, emphasizing the importance of communication and learning among participants. Mr. Liqiang Fan from CCPIT Sub-Council of Chemical Industry and Ms. Rongyong Yang from Shanghai Fertilizer Pesticide Trade Association served as esteemed hosts for the pesticide sessions.

CRAC 2023 pesticide

The pesticide sessions focused on various topics, including China’s pesticide registration requirements, the U.S. EPA pesticide registration, and EU plant protection products compliance requirements updates and changes. The speakers included Mr. Hui Jiang, a Research Professor at the Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture of China (ICAMA), Mr. Jinping Guo, Senior Technical Expert from REACH24H Consulting Group, Ms. Eva Hoo, General Manager of AgroPages, Mr. Jian Liu, Chief Director of China Biostimulants Professional Committee, Mr. Markus W. Brombacher, President of INREX, L.L.C., Ms. Wenjie Cao, Lawyer/Patent Attorney from Beijing Yingke Law Firm Changzhou Office, Ms. Xiaoming Zhang, Regulatory and Technical Engineer from REACH24H Consulting Group, and Mr. Chao Huang, Technical Expert from REACH24H Consulting Group.

Additionally, a half-day session was dedicated to market trends in the pesticide industry, allowing for discussions on industry development and collaboration. Speakers such as Ms. Yongzhen Yang, an International Expert, Mr. Mingliang Ma, President of Heli Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Xueqiang Yao, Founding Partner of LYDD, and Mr. Xinzhao Liu, Deputy General Manager of the Marketing Center at Limin Group Co., Ltd., shared their insights and perspectives on the industry’s future.

The conference also addressed the challenges and developments in the recycled plastic sector, particularly in relation to safety assessments and compliance standards for recycled plastics used in food contact applications. (China Food Contact MaterialsEU Food Contact MaterialsU.S. Food Contact Materials)

Speakers such as Mr. Deyuan Zhang, Director of China’s Institute of Economic System and Management (IESM), Mr. Mingzhang Song, Senior Regulatory Technical Engineer from REACH24H Consulting Group, Mr. Huiming Xu, Manager of Plastics Industry Development Center (PIDC) in Taiwan, China, Mr. Bin Li, Senior Research Professor from Donghua University, Mr. Yonggang Wang, Secretary-General of Plastic Recycling Association of CRRA, shared their experiences and strategies for navigating the regulatory landscape and meeting the demand for sustainable materials.

CRAC 2023 marked the 15th conference organized by REACH24H Consulting Group since 2009. Ms. Cassie Li, Deputy General Manager of REACH24H, reflected on the success of the conference and the organization’s commitment to enriching the sectors represented and expanding its audience and guest speakers. Looking ahead, REACH24H remains dedicated to providing compliance-related events and facilitating effective communication in the future.

瑞欧科技副总经理 李婷婷女士


Part of Participants at CRAC 2023

Overall, CRAC 2023 served as a milestone event, highlighting the industry’s dedication to compliance and sustainability. The conference facilitated valuable connections and knowledge sharing, paving the way for a more sustainable future in the global chemical landscape.