China Cosmetic Product


Cosmetic products refer to chemical products for the daily use intended to be applied on any external part of human body (such as skin, hair, nails, lips etc.) by spreading, spraying or other similar ways to keep the body clean, eliminate unpleasant odor, protect skin, and improve appearance and beauty.

Cosmetics have various definitions in different countries (regions). To determine whether a product falls in the scope of cosmetics in China, the following three aspects may be taken into consideration:

Aspects Yes No
Usage Smearing, spraying or other similar ways like rubbing Oral administration or injection
Applied body parts Any external part of the human body, such as skin, hair, nails, lips Teeth or oral mucosa
Functions and purposes of use Skin care, to make the body hygienic, to eliminate undesirable odors, to enhance the beauty of the appearance Prevent and treat diseases


In China, cosmetics are classified into special use and non-special use products based on their specific function.

Special use cosmetics (SUC) currently include 9 types of products, namely:

• Hair growth products

• Hair dyes products

• Hair perming products

• Hair removal products

• Breast beauty products

• Body fitness products

• Deodorants

• UV protection products

• Anti-spot and Whitening products.

Other cosmetic products belong to non-special use products.

Additionally, according to the place of origin, cosmetics are further classified into imported and domestic products.

Competent Authority in China

Administrative Department

National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) and Provincial Medical Products Administration.

Approval System

Special use – Registration

Non-special use – Notification

Relevant Regulations

• Regulations Concerning the Hygiene Supervision over Cosmetics 1989

• Cosmetic Safety Technical Standard 2015

• Requirements for Application and Acceptance of Administrative Licensing for Cosmetic 2009

• Inventory of Existing Cosmetic Ingredient in China 2015

• National Standard GB 5296.3-2008 Instruction on Consumer Products – Cosmetic General Label

• Working Rules for Cosmetic Registration and Filing Testing

Registration or Filling Process

Our Services

Regulatory consultation

• Cosmetic registration and filing process

• Registration required documents and testing items

• Customized solution for cosmetic registration and filing, timeline and cost assessment

Responsible Agent for Special Use Cosmetics

• Responsible for registration

• Prepare the administrative approval documents and certificate

• Cooperate with customers works or the assigned importer/distributor

Product Pre-Review

• Define product category

• Check whether all ingredients are allowable

• Check whether all claims are compliant

Application and Follow-up

• Application documents review

• Complete registration dossier

• Test arrangement and supervision

• Follow up experts review comments