Lifecycle Management of Chemical Substance


Chemicals are at the core of our materials, products, and manufacturing systems, and they would probably go through stages of import and export, production and processing, storage, transportation, use, and disposal during their lifetime. Each stage of chemical lifecycle is very fragile, as any violation would cause a serious impact on our business.

With the tenet of “Value in Compliance” in mind and boasting rich experience and expertise accumulated in years of regulatory research and compliance practices, REACH24H Consulting Group can help enterprises to improve the lifecycle management of chemicals and other hazardous materials as well as their normal operations, and protect the environment, the health of workers and the overall community.

Import & Export

Enterprises importing or exporting chemicals listed in the List of Severely Restricted Toxic Chemicals in China must register with the Ministry of Ecology and Environment before importing or exporting. Other chemicals, such as precursor chemicals, are subject to similar import and export regulations.

Our Services

• Application of Import Registration Certificate

• Application of Clearance Notification for Environmental Management on Import of Toxic Chemicals

• Application of Clearance Notification for Environmental Management on Export of Toxic Chemicals


With the rapid development of chemical industry, chemical safety accidents caused by the lack of effective management are on the rise. In order to effectively prevent serious accidents involving hazardous chemicals and protect the lives and property of the people, the Chinese government has been actively improving and updating laws and regulations on chemical production safety and imposing increasingly heavy penalties against any violations of such laws and regulations. How to ensure effective safety control have become an important concern of chemical enterprises in pursuing sustainable development.

Our Services

Consulting Service

• Regulatory updates and interpretation

• Industrial investigation

• Other customized consulting services

On-site Audit

• Integrated audit on safety management

• Fire protection audit

• Chemical management audit

• Occupational health and safety audit

• Supplier’s safety management review/audit


• Training program on chemical safety management

• Training program on chemical process safety management

Emergency management of chemical accidents and exercises of emergency response

• Chemical laboratory safety management


The EHS&GHS division of REACH24H Consulting Group China has a team of experienced consultants who can offer regulatory compliance services concerning transport and storage of dangerous goods across the globe, providing scientific compliance recommendations and developing solutions tailored to the situation of clients.

Our Services

Consulting Service

• Hazard identification of dangerous goods (UN Code and official transport name)

• Prepare/update/review transport labels for dangerous goods

• Review/guidance on packaging of dangerous goods

• Technical support for transport of dangerous goods packed in small quantities

• Prepare/update/review labels and other communication documents of dangerous goods

On-site Audit

• On-site compliance audit of dangerous goods transport

• Review of transport supplier qualification

• Develop transport compliance report with feasible improvement measures

Training (Training courses tailored to the position of trainees)

• Basic concepts of hazardous chemicals & hazardous goods.

• Overview of regulations on transport of dangerous goods

• Overview of global GHS regulations

• Hazard information communication

• Interpretation of JT/T 617

• Key points in import and export compliance of hazardous chemicals & dangerous goods


Chemical storage is the storage of controlled chemicals or hazardous materials in chemical stores, chemical storage cabinets, or similar devices. Improper chemical storage can result in the workplace safety hazards including the presence of heat, fire, explosion and leakage of toxic materials.

Our Services

Audit of Hazardous chemical storage

Loading and unloading of hazardous chemicals

• Safety management of loading and unloading of hazardous chemicals

• Control of loading and unloading areas

• Vehicle safety

Safety management in hazardous chemical storage

• “Three simultaneousness” of warehouse construction

• Management of inbound/outbound processes of hazardous chemicals to/from warehouses

• Safety management of storage of hazardous chemicals

• Safety evaluation of mixed storage of hazardous chemicals

• Safety facilities for hazardous chemical warehouses

• Emergency management

• Capacity assessment of warehouse managers

Technical Strengths 

• Participated in the compilation and revision of Chinese standards and regulations (such as the Regulations Concerning Road Transportation of Dangerous Goods (JT/T 617), the Guide on Road Transport for Dangerous Goods Packed in Limited Quantities and Excepted Quantities, and the Emergency Rescue Guidelines for Transport of Dangerous Goods)

• Serve as a dangerous goods safety adviser for a well know European enterprise’s operations in China

• Collaborate with UMCO GmbH, an European professional provider of compliance services, to provide consulting services for many enterprises


At the final stage of chemical lifecycle, most chemicals would be disposed of in the environment (soil, water or air) as wastes, which could lead to severe pollution without any pre-treatment. In order to protect the environment from chemical wastes, governments have devised strict regulations to strengthen chemical waste control.

In recent years, the Chinese government has made great efforts to improve the environment by introducing stricter environmental policies. In this way, environmental compliance has become a prerequisite for the survival and development of an enterprise.

Our Services

• Environmental compliance report/on-site audit

• Suppliers’ environmental performance review/audit

• Environmental management consultation

• Customized consultation