EU Food Contact Materials

What is FCM?

FCM is the materials and articles, including active and intelligent food contact materials and articles, which in their finished state:

•  are intended to be brought into contact with food; or

• are already in contact with food and were intended for that purpose; or

•  can reasonably be expected to be brought into contact with food or to transfer their constituents to food under normal or foreseeable conditions of use.

Except :

•  materials and articles which are supplied as antiques;

•  covering or coating materials, such as the materials covering cheese rinds, prepared meat products or fruits, which form part of the food and may be consumed together with this food;

•  fixed public or private water supply equipment.

EU FCM Regulatory System

Compliance workflow

Compliance Requirements in EU

• FCM shall be manufactured in compliance with good manufacturing practice(GMP);

• Constituents of FCM that may endanger human health, or lead to an unacceptable change in food and ingredient, or bring about deterioration in organoleptic characteristics can’t transfer to food under normal or foreseeable conditions of use.

• Label, advertisement and specification shall not mislead consumer;

• Substance not yet included in the positive list (e.g.: positive list of EU10/2011) shall submit an application to European food safety administration for assessment.

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