Our Services

QSAR and read-across supports on the assessment of the equivalence of technical material of substances under pesticide regulation

• Rule-based and statistical-based QSAR models

• QSAR Prediction Report Format (QPRF)

• QSAR Model Report Format (QMRF)

• For pesticide regulations in EU, Brazil, Argentina Mexico, Russia

Available endpoints

• Physico-chemical properties: LogKow, pKa, BCF, etc.

• Mammaltoxicology: acute toxicity, CMR, endocrine disruption, skin sensitization, etc.

• Ecotoxicology: aquatic toxicity, toxic to bees, etc.

• Environmental behavior: persistence, hydrolysis rate, Koc, etc.

• Metabolites anddegradation or metabolic pathways of molecules

Genotoxicity and endocrine disruption assessment

• Molecular docking

• Postulate MoA(s) based on adverse outcome pathway (AOP) framework

• Weight of Evidence (WoE)

QSAR model building

• Data cleaning

• Molecular descriptors

• Models selection: linear models & machine learning

• Validation

• Application domain

• Release

Why Choose Us?

REACH24H QSAR Team has extensive experience conducting QSAR and read-across for pesticides and their impurities under pesticide regulation.

Our Strength

• Experienced Expert Team Support

• Strict Quality Control System

• Close Collaboration with Plenty of Experts and Predominant Laboratories

• Good Communication with Competent Authorities

• Fast Response to Clients Inquiries and Controlling Cost

• Obeying the Code of Ethics, Respecting the Confidentiality and Privacy of our Clients

• Excellent Project Management

Our Achievements

• EU PPP 60+

• EU BPR 30+

• China Pesticide 10+

• US EPA 100+

• China Disinfectant 50+

• China Fertilizer 50+

• Risk Assessment Report 200+

• QSAR 100+

• Analysis Report 150+

• GLP test Supervision 120+

• Seminars & Workshops 250+

• Professional staff with solid backgrounds in 5 offices worldwide 210+