REACH24H Strengthens Its Presence in Japan with New Subsidiary, Meeting Clients’ Evolving Needs

Sep. 26th, 2023

TOKYO, 26 September 2023 – REACH24H Consulting Group, a leading global compliance service provider, has solidified its overseas presence with the establishment of REACH24H JAPAN株式会社 (REACH24H Japan), a wholly-owned subsidiary.

Located in the vibrant city of Tokyo, REACH24H JAPAN is poised to capitalize on the numerous opportunities and challenges the Japanese market presents. The expansion aims to foster collaboration on a wider scale across the globe, assisting companies in seizing opportunities and ensuring compliance in the Japanese market.

Japan: An Evolving and Attractive Market for Global Business

Entering the Japanese market is a strategic choice and a natural progression for companies seeking to tap into Japan’s highly open and internationalized economy.

Renowned for its technological innovation, Japan serves as a key hub for chemical product manufacturing and sales. With Japan also ranking as the third-largest consumer of cosmetics globally and excelling in industries such as consumer goods, agrochemicals, disinfectants, and food contact materials, there is a strong market demand for international companies.

Moreover, the Japanese government has been actively promoting trade liberalization and market openness, attracting global enterprises seeking new avenues for growth.

Navigating the Challenges of Market Expansion

When businesses venture into new markets, they are met with both opportunities and challenges. These challenges involve navigating time zone differences, overcoming language barriers, comprehending complex regulatory frameworks, and manoeuvring through lengthy compliance processes. Additionally, coordinating with multiple compliance service providers can introduce confidentiality risks and hinder overall operational efficiency.

Failing to adapt to regulatory changes in a timely manner can result in market risks and financial losses. Therefore, it is crucial for businesses to address these challenges proactively to ensure successful expansion into new markets.

One-Stop Market Access Solutions Provider: Efficient, Professional, and Cost-Effective

REACH24H Consulting Group has built a solid reputation by understanding and addressing client concerns. With over 14 years of experience, the company has successfully completed tens of thousands of product registrations, certifications, and consulting projects worldwide. Their expertise has earned them the trust of 103 Fortune 500 companies.

Since its establishment in 2009, REACH24H Consulting Group has expanded its reach across Asia, the Americas, and Europe. In 2017, recognizing the need to serve clients in an ever-changing market environment, the company established its Japan division within China’s headquarters. This strategic move allowed them to provide efficient and customized solutions to clients operating in Japan and targeting the Japanese market. The launch of REACH24H JAPAN further strengthens the collaborations among its multilingual teams, enhancing the quality and efficiency of their services.

Under the leadership of Mr. Yuantian Gu, a seasoned industry professional with extensive international business experience, REACH24H JAPAN boasts a dedicated and proficient team. Their comprehensive services encompass regulatory consulting, product registration, and label review across various industries, including industrial chemicals, cosmetics, food, food contact materials, agrochemicals, and disinfectants.

Service Scope of REACH24H JAPAN

Japanese Market Access Global Market Access

With a clear vision, REACH24H is dedicated to building an extensive worldwide service network that directly benefits its clients. By providing exceptional services and support, REACH24H enables its clients to seize new opportunities and achieve remarkable success on the global stage.

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