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Jun. 21st, 2022


According to the State of the Global Climate 2021 released by the World Meteorological Organization, human activities have increased the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, causing the increase of global average surface temperature in 2021 by 1.11±0.13°C higher than before industrialization. As a result, over 6000 climate disasters occurred worldwide from 2000 to 2019, which increases by 83% compared with the previous 20 years.

To jointly tackle global climate change, more than 130 countries proposed carbon neutrality goals. In 2020, China committed to “peak carbon dioxide emissions before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality before 2060.

Under the pressure of global climate issues, China’s “Dual Carbon” Goals and corresponding policies, green, low-carbon and sustainable development become a hot spot and a future trend in current economic and social development, and will be an indispensable part of future corporate compliance.


Current Global Supervision Policies and Laws

China has promulgated a “1+N” Policy related to the “Dual Carbon” Goals, among which relevant regulations on Carbon Emission Right Management, Carbon Disclosure Management and Report confront enterprises with huge compliance pressure.

Other policies, such as the European Green Deal, European Climate Law, New Battery Law (2020/0353 (COD) and other policies involving carbon tariffs and carbon footprints, formed new “green trade barriers” to China’s exports.

Leading companies that are committed to achieving carbon neutrality throughout the product life cycle, such as Geely, Apple, etc, are requiring suppliers to provide low-carbon products, jointly acting to achieve low-carbon goals and green supply chain management.


Why Should Enterprises Achieve Low Carbon Transformation?

  • To get more investment. Investment institutions prefer companies focusing on green, low-carbon and environmental protection. More and more enterprises disclose carbon emission information in their annual reports and ESG reports. Over 4,000 investment institutions have signed the UN Principles for Responsible Investment, including Sequoia and China Wealth Management, etc.
  • To reduce the cost of carbon emissions and achieve extra profits. The Green low-carbon development model reduces the environmental cost of carbon emissions. Enterprises can also achieve profits through carbon asset trading and green financial products.
  • To strengthen brand influence. Enterprises can lead the development direction of the industry with low carbon technologies, and become the leading voice of the times.


Our Services

  • Greenhouse Gas Accounting / Verification

Corporate Carbon Footprints (CCF): Calculate the carbon emissions of enterprises, write emission reports and deal with third-party verification based on domestic greenhouse gas accounting guidelines or international standards such as ISO14064 and GHG Protocol.

Product Carbon Footprints (PCF): Based on International ISO 14067, PAS 2050 and other standards, adopt the whole life cycle assessment (LCA) method to calculate the carbon emissions of products from “cradle to gate” or “cradle to grave“, issue the carbon footprint report of products, and help obtain the carbon footprint verification certificate/statement.

Carbon Footprints of Events: Calculate and analyze GHG generated by various events/conferences based on the Implementation Guidelines for Carbon Neutralization of Large-scale Events (Trial) and other standards, and help to achieve carbon neutralization.

  • Carbon Reduction /Energy Saving

Emission Status and Trend Prediction: Analyze the current situation of carbon emissions, and map out key points of energy conservation and emission reduction.

Customized Industrial Report: Research and analyze carbon dynamics of leading enterprises in the industry, including strategies, action, etc.

Carbon Emission Reduction / Neutralization Plan: Develop energy saving, emission reduction, and carbon-neutral solutions for specific enterprises/products.

  • Carbon Asset Management/ Carbon Neutrality Strategies

Carbon Allowance Assets Management:  Comprehensively manage carbon allowance assets and formulate trading investment strategies.

China Certified Emission Reduction(CCER) Development & Trading: Help with CCER project development or transaction matching based on CCER development methodology.

Third-party Verification of Carbon Neutrality: Assist customers to achieve carbon neutrality and obtain corresponding declarations/certificates, such as “Zero Carbon Factory“, “Zero Carbon Industrial Park“, “Low Carbon Town“, and “Carbon Neutral Product“, etc.

  • Other Services

Policy Feeds on Regulations and Policies: Track and interpret national, provincial, and municipal regulations and policies related to carbon peak and carbon neutrality.

Training or Consultation Related to Green and Low Carbon: Provide enterprises with green and low-carbon related training or consultation, helping enterprises carry out relevant work independently.

Carbon Management System Construction: Help enterprises build management systems for carbon emissions, carbon transactions, carbon neutralization, and informatization, in order to carry out relevant work systematically, intelligently, and efficiently.


WHY Choose REACH24H?

  • One-Stop Solutions: REACH24H provides one-stop services from greenhouse gas accounting to carbon neutrality.
  • Professional Technical Team: Supported by professional experts and regulatory consultants.
  • Authoritative Software: Using authoritative full life cycle assessment software.
  • High-Quality Cooperation Resources: We have established close relations with government agencies, associations, and global certification agencies, such as the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Life Cycle Assessment & Management Committee, and Carbon Neutrality Committee of China Energy Conservation Association.


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