Chemical Regulatory Training

To meet the increasing needs of our clients, REACH24H has launched a series of training programs. The overall aim in particular is to help enterprises better understand the key points in their efforts to comply with global chemical regulations so as to secure a competitive place in the global market and facilitate trade development.


Global Chemicals Management

• EU REACH Compliance

• K-REACH Compliance

• China New Chemical Substance Notification

• Chemical Substance Registration under Taiwan Region TCCSCA/OSHA

• Global GHS Implementation

Chemicals Lifecycle Management in China

• China New Chemical Substance Notification

Import and Export of Hazardous Chemicals

Storage of Hazardous Chemicals

Transport of Dangerous Goods

Management of Hazardous Waste

Regulations and Controls over VOCs

Chemicals Safety Management in Labs


REACH24H’s course library systematically and comprehensively sorts and interprets the legal basis, regulatory requirements, and enforcement measures of the chemicals management both in China and abroad. Our expert team can adjust the existing learning content or create brand new learning experiences based on demands of the clients. Every course features interactive communication, best practice sharing, and knowledge checks to reinforce learning and retention.


REACH24H offers self-paced e-learning programs and webinars tailored to the audience in both topic and knowledge level. Our expert team can offer customized web-based training to fit your unique needs. High-resolution videos can be accessible anywhere through Internet.

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For 10 years, REACH24H’s workshops and seminars have promoted the chemical industry’s development with a particular focus on compliance. They are dedicated to addressing the industry’s hotspots and challenges, facilitating reliable and up-to-date information and promoting international exchanges and cooperation among professionals from different parts of the globe. We stage presentations by speakers from government authorities and the industry to help you achieve your global compliance goals.

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