About US


Founded in 2009, REACH24H is a Consulting Company specialized in providing one-stop global market access services to companies in the field of industrial chemicals, agrochemicals, cosmetics, food and food contact materials.

We are proud of our diverse team, from our technical experts to our international trade and market specialists in our headquarters in China, offices in Taiwan region, South Korea, UK and the U.S., and business representatives in Japan, UK, EU and South America. We continuously work to expand our networks to businesses, associations and government authorities across all regions to anticipate compliance needs and provide full-cycle strategic plans.

By creating a 24-hour global consulting service network and a technical expert team, REACH24H helps enterprises and high-quality products take an initiative to trade, improving their understanding of technical barriers and assisting international trade departments and businesses to move from passive to active in the global market. To date, REACH24H has helped nearly 9,000 companies worldwide overcome technical trade barriers to smoothly navigate the global market.

Global Branches Providing 24-hour Services

With our HQ in Hangzhou, China, REACH24H has global branches in the United States, Ireland, UK, South Korea and China's Taiwan.

Technical Expertise to Ensure Highly Professional Support

REACH24H counts on the support of toxicologists, safety evaluators and risk assessment experts with international certifications who provide high-level professional technical and consulting services to our clients.

Industry-specific services ready to meet clients' expectations

REACH24H provides services including product notification and registration, regulatory information, news and compliance warning, training seminars and open courses, as well as Internet-based supply chain management software.



Promoting Green, Safe, Sustainable Development

REACH24H provides risk assessment and pre-analysis of potential hazards that may occur during the production and normal use of products, as well as comprehensive compliance solutions in line with green, safe and sustainable development principles.

Enabling Global Compliance

Relying on Value in Compliance as core mission, REACH24H constantly seeks to offer the most professional and technical services to help companies overcome trade barriers and open up global markets.

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