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Training Course

• Overview of China Cosmetics Regulation: Status Quo & Updates

-Cosmetic Definition and Classification

-Competent Authority

-Regulatory System

-Clarification of Roles and Responsibilities

• Interpretation of Detail Requirements about Registration & Notification

-Overview on Imported Cosmetic Filing & Registration Flow

-Procedures and Timeline

-Formula & Package Review

-Requirements on Testing

-Common Technical Difficulties in Dossier Preparation

-Look Into NMPA Specialist’s Opinion

• Introduction of Cosmetic Regulation in Asian Countries

Overview of Asian Country Cosmetic Regulation

Status & Update in China Taiwan

Status & Update in Korea

Status & Update in Japan

Status & Update in ASEAN

• New Cosmetic Ingredient Registration in China

Status of New Cosmetic Ingredient Registration in China

Have a Clear Understanding of Roles and Responsibilities

Provide Accurate Registration Documents

Follow Regulatory Updates Closely

• Introduction of EU Cosmetic Regulation

EU Cosmetics Regulatory Frame

Main Obligationsof RP

Compliance Process& Safety Requirements

Future Trends

• Safety Assessment of SystemicToxicity of Cosmetics

Basic Concept of Cosmetic Safety Assessment

Hazard Assessment

Exposure Assessment

Case Study