China’s MARA Imported Feed and Feed Additive Registration


According to Article 3 of the Ministry of Agriculture’s “Administrative Measures for the Registration and Management of Imported Feeds and Feed Additives,” overseas enterprises must apply for import registration with the Ministry of Agriculture when exporting feeds and feed additives to China for the first time. This entails obtaining an import registration certificate specifically for feeds and feed additives. Without obtaining the import registration certificate, it is prohibited to sell or use these products within the territory of China. As stipulated in Article 4, overseas enterprises are obliged to engage a domestic agency in China to handle the import registration process. Furthermore, according to Article 14, the validity period of the import registration license for feeds and feed additives is 5 years, and a renewal application should be submitted no later than 6 months prior to the expiration date.

Scope of Import Registration License

The scope of import registration includes single feed, feed additive premix, concentrate feed, formula feed(complete feed) and supplementary concentrate. This also encompasses formula feed and feed additive premix for pets (dogs, cats).

Relevant Authorities

China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA): Responsible for import registration, new feed, new feed additives, feed ingredient catalog, and feed additive variety catalog, etc.

Application Flow Chart

Application Flow Chart feed

Required Application Documents

  • Application form,
  • letter of authorization,
  • approval for production and use at the place of origin,
  • physicochemical properties of the product,
  • product source and composition, manufacturing method,
  • quality standards and testing methods,
  • labelling,
  • purpose of use,
  • scope of application,
  • instructions for use,
  • packaging materials,
  • packaging specifications,
  • shelf life,
  • storage conditions,
  • registration documents from countries or regions outside of the place of production,
  • information on product promotion and application.

Our Services

  1. Regulatory Consultation on Feed, Feed Additives, and Pet Feed (Pet Food)
  • Feasibility analysis of importation
  • Consultation on import regulations
  • Consultation on import registration certificates
  • Consultation on new feed and new feed additives
  • Consultation on access granted by the General Administration of Customs (GACC)
  1. Ministry of Agriculture Import Registration for Feed and Feed Additives
  • Import registration
  • Registration modifications
  • Registration Renewal
  1. Compliance Audit
  • Determination of feed product classification and feasibility
  • Audit of feed ingredients and feed additives for compliance
  • Audit of feed products for compliance with product standards
  • Provision of modification recommendations in case of non-compliance
  1. Chinese Label Compliance Audit for Feed, Feed Additives, and Pet Feed (Pet Food)
  • Review of product specifications and provision of modification recommendations
  • Audit of Chinese labels for compliance
  • Translation and label production if Chinese labels are not available
  1. Quality Compliance Services for Feed, Feed Additives, and Pet Feed (Pet Food)
  • Supervision of quality testing

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