Driving Safer Chemicals Through Alternative Assessment Tools

Jul. 25th, 2024

Chuck Zhang


The fifth session of the International Conference on Chemicals Management, held in Bonn, Germany in 2023, adopted the Global Chemicals Framework and the Bonn Declaration, providing strong political impetus for the green and sustainable transformation of chemicals.

Recognizing the potential impact of chemicals on human health and the environment, Europe and the United States have long been at the forefront of implementing measures to mitigate chemical hazards. Consequently, European and American companies have established stringent requirements for transparency and identification of raw material hazards throughout the supply chain. This presents significant challenges for companies exporting to these regions.

For many years, REACH24H has been following the green chemical policies of UNEP, the United States, and Europe, helping many companies successfully cope with the challenges of the sustainable transformation of chemicals.

During this webinar, REACH24H will focus on the field of green chemistry, and introduce the methods and applicable fields of chemical hazard identification and substitute assessment in Europe and the United States. The goal is to assist companies in promptly and accurately responding to cross-border sustainable development requirements, ensuring smooth trade operations.


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Reference Links:


1. Global Trends for Green Sustainable Development 

2. Green Alternative Assessment Strategies in Europe and the United States

3. Green Transformation Cases of European and American Companies

4. Challenges and Suggestions for Global Companies

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2024-07-25 21:00 ~ 22:00 London: 14:00-15:00 New York: 09:00-10:00 English



Chuck Zhang

Senior Regulatory Consultant

With over seven years of experience in hazardous chemicals safety management and dangerous goods transportation regulations, Chuck brings a wealth of expertise to the field. His extensive practical knowledge in regulatory interpretation and corporate compliance strategy formulation has benefited numerous companies he has worked with. In addition to his strong background, Chuck is well-versed in GHS-related regulations and standards. He possesses comprehensive theoretical and hands-on experience in chemical hazard classification identification and assessment, supply chain hazard information dissemination, green sustainability practices, hazardous chemical registration, and SDS/Label preparation and review. Through his proficiency in these areas, Chuck consistently delivers valuable insights and guidance to ensure compliance and promote safety across various industries.

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