GreenScreen® Assessment and GreenScreen Certified™

What is GreenScreen Certified™?

GreenScreen Certified™ is a product certification created by an independent, non-profit organization that covers a range of products, including Furniture & Fabrics, Firefighting Foam, Textile Chemicals, Cleaners & Degreasers in Manufacturing, Food Service Ware, as well as Medical Supplies and Devices.

The development process for each product category’s GreenScreen Certified™ standard involves the participation of government, non-governmental organizations, and technical experts from various fields to ensure the certification standards are robust, highly precautionary, and pragmatic.

GreenScreen Certified™ allows brands and purchasers to clearly specify their preferences and requirements for products made with safer chemicals. Obtaining GreenScreen Certified™ means that the product does not contain PFAS and other high-concern chemicals. Product manufacturers can use the GreenScreen Certified™ standards to formulate and promote products that avoid the use of chemicals of high concern.

Chemicals are the foundation of products and the core of the material economy. GreenScreen Certified™ is used by governments, non-governmental organizations, and businesses in various industries and stages in the supply chain to design, manufacture, purchase, specify, and use materials and products with preferred chemicals for people and the planet.

GreenScreen® Assessment Methods

GreenScreen® assessment methods include: GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals and GreenScreen List Translator™

GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals


GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals is a globally recognized chemical hazard assessment method aimed at identifying chemicals of high concern and selecting safer alternatives. Conducting a GreenScreen® assessment of a chemical includes a comprehensive review of data and information on 18 human and environmental health hazard endpoints. The chemicals are ultimately assigned a GreenScreen Benchmark™ score to indicate their overall hazard profile, ranging from Benchmark-1 “Avoid-Chemical of High Concern” to Benchmark-4 “Prefer-Safer Chemical”.

Chemical assessment reports prepared using GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals can be used not only for GreenScreen Certified™, but also for authoritative industry certifications in various sectors such as the construction, electronics, and textile industries. GreenScreen® is widely used by governments, non-governmental organizations, and businesses in various stages of the supply chain (such as product design and development, material procurement, etc.) and as part of the assessment of alternative chemicals to meet regulatory requirements and customer demands.

Benchmarks GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals

GreenScreen List Translator™

GreenScreen List Translator

GreenScreen List Translator™ is a more simplified chemical hazard screening method, based on 42 lists from authoritative scientific bodies, regulatory agencies, and non-profit organizations. It provides a wealth of information for quickly identifying known chemicals of high concern and assisting in the selection of safer chemicals.

Our Services

As the first and currently the only Licensed GreenScreen® Profilers in Asia, REACH24H provides a full range of services for GreenScreen® substance assessment and GreenScreen® product certified.

We provide services including but not limited to:

  • GreenScreen® assessment for chemicals using GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals
  • GreenScreen Certified™ for products in various industries, including:
    • Cleaners & Degreasers in Manufacturing
    • Firefighting Foam
    • Food Service Ware
    • Furniture & Fabrics
    • Medical Supplies & Devices
    • Textile Chemicals
  • Other customized services

Our Advantages

  • Strong technical expertise: We have professional assessors and toxicologists with backgrounds in pharmacy, chemistry, environmental science, and veterinary medicine.
  • Rich assessment experience: Over the years, we have gained extensive experience in hazard and risk assessment of chemical raw materials and various products.
  • Wide industry coverage: We currently provide certification services for products in the construction, textile, electronics, and food industries, and we plan to expand our certification services to more fields in the future.
  • International service level: Multilingual personnel in English, Japanese, and Chinese, efficiently serving international customers.

Other Services