Agrochemicals & Biocides

In accordance with the value of REACH24H, Agrochem Division has been devoting to making contribution to public health, environment protection and providing Agrochemical industrial companies with customized solutions to enter the global markets. Agrochem Division focuses on pesticide regulation, fertilizer registration, disinfectant regulation, QSAR, Risk Assessment, GLP test and other compliance services.


Pesticide Registration

Biocide/Disinfectant Registration

Fertilizer Registration

Compliance Services

Events & Training

As an important means of information exchange, conferences, trainings and open courses are an integral part of REACH24H services. 

Since 2009, REACH24H has organized thousands of courses, covering dozens of countries, including popular courses on Global Pesticide Management Course, GLP Training, QSAR Training etc.The number of professionals trained by REACH24H has exceeded 100,000.

Global Pesticide Management

QSAR Training

GLP Training

Our Strength

The first company in Asia which has gained approval of the EU BPR new substance application, accounting for 95% of China’s market share, 100% project pass rate.

 The first company in Asia which has completed American EPA pesticide registration independently, accounting for 60% of China’s market share, 100% project pass rate.

One of the few companies in Asia which has independently completed TE evaluation of EU pesticides, which accounted for 80% of China’s market share.