Global Regulatory Compliance


Boasting a group of highly capable and professional regulatory consultants, REACH24H is committed to offering expertise and forging powerful solutions in the form of consulting services on an hourly basis, so as to empower you to ensure compliance with chemical regulations and pursue superior market performance.

•  On-demand Industry/regulatory Report

Based on your compliance demands and requirements, we can detect and analyze existing challenges, gather regulatory information and profoundly interpret chemical regulatory updates, so as to prepare industry or regulatory reports which recommend you applicable strategies and practices.

•  One-to-one Consultation

Our consultants are readily available via emails, text messages, phone calls or face-to-face conversations, offering solutions and recommendations tailored to your specific cases and demands. With such effectively customized responses, we aim to help you to address problems in regulatory compliance and become front-runners in the market.

•  Customized Training Program

To provide learning solutions to equip your employees with chemical regulatory know-hows and skills to excel, we offer to collaborate with your team to understand your organization’s training demands, and design and deliver case-specific and company-specific training programs to meet such demands.


Created by REACH24H, ChemLinked (Chemical portal )is a hub of chemical regulatory information and services designed for businesses and individuals concentrating on the Asia-Pacific market. We produce contents in various forms, including news, expert articles, regulatory reports, etc. as well as a digital compliance toolkit to navigate you through details in AP chemical regulations.

Our Services

Information • Chemical Regulatory & Industry News

• Bi-weekly Newsletter

• Monitoring System

Knowledge • Chempedia (Wikipedia-Style Guides of Chemical Regulations)

• Regulatory Analyses & Market Insights

• Regulatory Reports

Databases • Regulatory Database

• English Translations of ChemicalRegulations & Standards

• A Collection of Asia-Pacific SDS, Label, H&P Statement, Inventories, etc.

Training • Webinars

• Tailored Training Courses

• Offline Events

Solutions • Consultation Service

• Customized Reports

• On-demand Translation

• Advertising & Promotion

Toolbox Chemicals Inventory Toolbox is an on-line search toolbox that enables our members to check if their chemical substances are listed in the substance inventories of various Asia Pacific countries and regions. With just one click, you can get a comprehensive and detailed introduction to an inventory and the compliance duties of the enterprises at the same time.