REACH24H Embarks on Chemical Inspection and Testing with Acquisition of a Competent Testing Service Provider

Oct. 19th, 2023

SHANGHAI, 18 October 2023REACH24H Consulting Group (REACH24H) has recently completed the acquisition of Shanghai EverCreative Standard Testing Co., Ltd. (HCHB), which is a competent testing agency located in Shanghai, China, specializing in industrial chemicals and hazardous chemicals testing and regulatory compliance. logo reach24h hchb

This strategic move marks a significant expansion of REACH24H’s service portfolio, allowing it to enter the field of chemical inspection and testing services.

HCHB: A Certified and Trustworthy Institution in Chemical Testing and Inspection

Shanghai EverCreative Standard Testing Co., Ltd. (HCHB) is equipped with its own laboratories and is also recognized as an authorized agency for the customs-approved labs in Shanghai.

With both CMA and CNAS certificates equipped, HCHB has become an esteemed third-party provider specializing in chemical and environmental testing services, establishing itself as a reliable institution and delivering internationally qualified reports.

With its advantageous geographical location and professional expertise, HCHB has provided comprehensive technical services to over 4,000 enterprises.

Focusing on Chemical Safety and Market Access Compliance

Shanghai port holds immense significance as one of China’s largest and most crucial hubs for the transportation of hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods. It plays a pivotal role in maintaining chemical safety standards.

Leveraging its local laboratory expertise in chemical classification and identification, HCHB offers a comprehensive range of services to support this endeavour.

  • Chemical Products Inspection and Testing
  • Customs-Accredited Hazardous Characteristics Classification Identification
  • Chemical Hazard Identification Testing
  • Dangerous Goods Inspection and Testing
  • Environmental Testing
  • GHS Label Compilation and Review
  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Preparation

REACH24H & HCHB: Simplifying Chemical Export Processes

By leveraging their extensive resources, expertise, and experience, REACH24H and HCHB are well-positioned to deliver dependable end-to-end solutions for clients worldwide. This alliance represents an exciting opportunity to contribute cutting-edge professional expertise to the field and drive advancements in chemical safety management and research.

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