Cross-Border E-Commerce for OTC Drug

E-commerce market in China has become one of the most developed ones in the world, accordingly, the competition is fierce. Well-functioning ecosystem of online payment options and powerful mobile segment has made this market one of the important components of Chinese economy overall. As market trends are always changing, it is vital to take proper methods to create your competitive advantages and educate the consumers, thus generate ideal sale.

BaiPharm has established our own online stores on Tmall Global and JD Worldwide, which are licensed to sell overseas OTC drugs to individual Chinese consumers. We would be delighted to try new and vigorous brands and products. Also, we can help overseas brands set up their own online stores in Tmall, JD, Tik Tok, and serve as a local agency for running the online business. Besides, we are open to supporting clients’ digital marketing campaigns.

Our Services

  • Local Agency Services
    • Select a suitable e-commerce model and platforms for Brand
    • E-commerce store operation
    • Distribution channel
    • China e-commerce platform agency (Tmall Global, JD Worldwide, TikTok)
  • Pre-market Research
    • Market analysis
    • Competitive analysis
  • Marketing and Branding
    • Brand strategy
    • Content promotion and dissemination (Little Red Book, TikTok, Kuaishou, etc)

Why Choose BaiPharm?

Our experts have achieved a thorough professional understanding of pharmaceutical regulations and extensive experience to provide solutions across all critical stages in the drug life cycle. We’re committed to providing clients with professional and customizable pharmaceutical regulatory compliance services, including market entry consultation and registration of prescription drugs, OTCs, APIs, excipients and packaging materials. Our constant driver is to ensure high-level professional and efficient solutions for outstanding pharmaceutical enterprises across the globe.

Other Services

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