REACH24H: Asia’s First Licensed GreenScreen® Profiler for Sustainable Chemical Management

May. 11th, 2023

REACH24H, a leading provider of chemical regulatory services, has made a significant breakthrough by becoming Asia’s first Licensed GreenScreen® Profiler, paving the way for sustainable chemical management in the world.

Recently, Clean Production Action (CPA), a non-profit organization promoting safer and sustainable chemicals, officially announced that REACH24H is authorized to be the first Licensed GreenScreen® Profiler in Asia. This means that REACH24H can now provide companies with a full range of services, including GreenScreen Certified™ for products, and GreenScreen® assessment for chemicals.

REACH24H Asia's First Licensed GreenScreen Profiler

What is GreenScreen Certified™ / GreenScreen® Substance Assessment?

Clean Production Action (CPA) is an organization dedicated to providing strategic solutions for the promotion of green chemicals, sustainable materials, and environmentally friendly product design. CPA certifies GreenScreen Certified™ products for various industries, including furniture and fabrics, firefighting foams, textile chemicals, cleaners and degreasers in manufacturing, food service ware, and medical supplies and devices.

The GreenScreen® Substance Assessment, developed by CPA, assesses the safety of chemical substances in products through comprehensive scientific methods.

Licensed GreenScreen® Profiler reports on GreenScreen® Substance Assessments are applicable to various industries,  including GreenScreen Product Certified™, LEED v4, TCO Certified, Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC), Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) standards and BIFMA’s LEVEL® standards, etc. Therefore, GreenScreen Substance Assessment Reports are increasingly required by European and American companies for their raw material suppliers.

Why Do Enterprises Need GreenScreen Substance Assessment Reports?

As environmental and health risks associated with chemical exposure become more widely known, companies are facing greater pressure to ensure that their products are free from hazardous chemicals. GreenScreen® Substance Assessment Reports offer a comprehensive evaluation of the safety of chemical substances in products, allowing companies to meet these demands and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and responsible chemical management.

By obtaining GreenScreen® Substance Assessment Reports, enterprises can meet the rising demand for green and sustainable products, increase their market competitiveness, and secure more orders from European and American companies.

How Can REACH24H Help as a Licensed GreenScreen® Profiler?

As the first and currently the only Licensed GreenScreen® Profilers in Asia, REACH24H provides a full range of services for GreenScreen® substance assessment and GreenScreen® product certified.

  • GreenScreen® assessment for chemicals using GreenScreen®for Safer Chemicals
  • GreenScreen Certified™ for products in various industries, including:
    • Cleaners & Degreasers in Manufacturing
    • Firefighting Foam
    • Food Service Ware
    • Furniture & Fabrics
    • Medical Supplies & Devices
    • Textile Chemicals
  • Other customized services

For more information, please visit: GreenScreen® Assessment and GreenScreen Certified™

With this breakthrough, REACH24H is well-positioned to help global companies meet the growing demand for safer and more sustainable chemicals, ultimately contributing to a healthier and more environmentally friendly world.