Making History in Compliance ——First Day of CRAC-HCF 2020

Nov. 17th, 2020

Today, 16 November 2020, marks the official opening of the CRAC-HCF 2020 Virtual Forum, a joint event organized between REACH24H’s 12th Chemical Regulatory Annual Conference and the Asian Helsinki Chemicals Forum.

CRAC-HCF 2020 is the first virtual forum join held by REACH24H in 11 years. In line with this year’s special circumstances that limited personal interactions and travels, REACH24H decided to connect with its international audience through by transitioning its annual event into a virtual, free-to-all joint forum. The Forum has attempted to cover as many features as offline events did, with networking and chat rooms, opportunities to share business contact cards, virtual booths and Q&A sessions.

On the first day, the event was attended by thousands of worldwide attendees from a wide range of institutions and enterprises, bringing together intelligence and practical experience in what is now shaping up to become a “massive forum in the compliance” industry.

Mr. Geert Dancet, Secretary-General of the Helsinki Chemicals Forum, welcomed all attendees through his opening speech, pointing out to the challenges brought on by this 2020, not just in the chemical and other technical fields, but also for international conferences. HCF will be hosting Week one of the CRAC-HCF 2020 Virtual Forum, with three-day panel discussions. Today’s impressive Panel introduced and moderated Monika MacDevette from UN Environment Programme: Framing beyond 2020- The importance of chemicals in a diverse world. The 2.5hs programme focused on managing chemicals and waste soundly beyond 2020.

The Asian Helsinki Chemicals Forum this year, along with CRAC Conference, invited experts from four stakeholder groups, government authorities, non-profit organizations, industry-leading enterprises and academia, to participate in an international -virtual- panel discussion, which showed how different sectors and perspectives, as well as regional interests, can come together and find common solutions and positions.

Mr. Jim Wei, Chairman of REACH24H, also gave a brief Opening Speech, where he highlighted how many of these year’s sessions focus on the main trending topics in the regulatory sphere, for instance, disinfectants and cosmetics. This year, through the new cooperation with HCF, the event’s focus expanded to multilateral strategies within the global chemical industry and market forecasting.

Mr. Wei emphasized that still, the main objective of this year’s joint Forum is to enable professionals across regions to shoulder shifting challenges and industry responsibilities in the year that brought us a New Normal, to help enterprises and industries promote a more balanced sustainable development.

On Day One of the Asian Helsinki Forum, the Panel counted on Mr. Pang Guanglian from the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (CPCIF) , Ms. Melissa Wang from Greenpeace International, Csilla Magyar from Dow Inc. /ICCA , and Mr. Liu Jianguo form Peking University, to discuss the implementation of the current Strategic Approach and sound management of chemicals and waste beyond 2020  (SAICM).

Coming Up Next | Global Disinfection Products Market

U.S. EPA FIFRA Pesticides 2020 Update

Date: Dec.03-04, 2020

Time: 14:00 — 16:40 (GMT+8)

Key Dates

Topic Date Time
Asian Helsinki Chemicals Forum (HCF) Nov 16, 2020 – Nov 18, 2020 15:00 – 17:30 (GMT+8)
Global Chemical Compliance Management Nov 23, 2020 – Dec 07, 2020 14:00 – 17:40 (GMT+8)
Management of Global Pesticide Registration Nov 19, 2020 – Nov 27, 2020 14:00 – 17:00 (GMT+8)
Global Disinfection Products Market: Opportunities and Challenges Dec 03, 2020 – Dec 04, 2020 14:00 – 17:00 (GMT+8)
China Cosmetic Management: Updates and Trends under CSAR Dec 08, 2020 – Dec 09, 2020 14:00 – 17:40 (GMT+8)
Safety Management of Food Contact Materials Dec 10, 2020 – Dec 10, 2020 14:00 – 17:00 (GMT+8)

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