REACH24H Assists Enterprises in Securing U.S. EPA California Pesticide Registration

Jul. 03rd, 2024

HANGZHOU, July 3, 2024 – Recently, REACH24H has played a pivotal role in aiding multiple enterprises to successfully navigate the US Environmental Protection Agency‘s pesticide registration process for California. This achievement demonstrates REACH24H’s specialized expertise in pesticide registration and sets a solid foundation for enterprises to venture into the American market.


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Registration Background

For companies familiar with the U.S. pesticide registration process, obtaining federal approval is only the initial step. State-level registration is mandatory, with California standing out due to its significant agricultural sector and high demand for pesticides. However, California’s rigorous review process and comprehensive registration requirements present substantial challenges for enterprises.

A Guide for Pesticide Registrants, issued by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (CDPR), is comprehensive and imposes strict requirements, covering everything from types of registrations to label design. This guide not only reassesses the entire federal registration dossier but also demands additional efficacy data, making the registration process notably demanding.

Leveraging its extensive experience and resources, REACH24H has adeptly guided enterprises through these hurdles, ensuring successful registration.

Registration Experience

According to REACH24H’s experience, agrochemical companies aiming for swift and smooth California registration should consider the following:

  1. Clarify Data Requirements

California’s data requirements align with the federal system and include the state’s unique regulatory criteria. The state has set specific data requirements for various pesticides and registration types. Incomplete data submissions may result in direct rejection, making it crucial to provide comprehensive data packets during the registration process.

  1. Master Federal and State Regulations, Guidelines, and Policies

Familiarity with both federal and California-specific regulations is essential. Companies must adeptly navigate conflicting review opinions and align proposals with state expectations to expedite the process.

  1. Comply with Archiving Requirements

Currently, California only accepts paper dossiers sent by mail, and there are clear requirements from printing the paper to binding the dossiers. For dossiers that do not meet the file format requirements and cannot be archived, California may directly reject them. However, California plans to launch an online submission system in September, streamlining this process.

How REACH24H Could Help

REACH24H’s success in aiding companies with California EPA registration is attributed to its expert technical team and extensive cooperative resources. The team comprises professionals with backgrounds in analytical chemistry, chemical engineering, biology, pharmacology, and environmental sciences, supplemented by collaborations with quality laboratories globally.

Additionally, REACH24H maintains strong communication with pesticide regulatory authorities in China, Europe, the U.S., and Australia, providing robust support for global market expansion.

REACH24H remains committed to enhancing its technical capabilities, optimizing service processes, and expanding its service scope to meet enterprise needs. This dedication ensures customized global market strategies, helping companies overcome technical trade barriers and achieve broader development goals.

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REACH24H offers enterprises comprehensive compliance services for the U.S. EPA pesticide registration. Our services include:

  • Company and Establishment Number Registration
  • Initial and Annual Reporting
  • Federal and State Pesticide Registration
  • Pesticide Data Compensation Assessment
  • Pesticide Device Registration
  • Minimum Risk Pesticide Compliance
  • Inert Registration
  • Annual U.S. Agent Service
  • Data Compensation Strategy and Data Holder Negotiation
  • Data Assessment, Gap Analysis, Exemption Analysis
  • Compliance Analysis Report
  • Comprehensive Regulatory Consulting and Training

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