REACH24H Moderates KCII and JCIA Meeting on Cosmetics Safety Regulations, Promoting Sustainable Cosmetics

May. 24th, 2023

SEOUL, May 24, 2023 – On May 12th, 2023, the Japan Cosmetic Industry Association (JCIA) hosted a meeting with the Korea Cosmetic Industry Institute (KCII) to discuss the safety assessment and regulation of cosmetic ingredients in Japan and Korea. The meeting was held at the JCIA office in Tokyo, and the attendees included the president of KCII and the General Manager of the JCIA. General Manager of REACH24H Korea, Seongmin(Mike) Sohn, has joined the meeting as a moderator between the two organizations.

REACH24H Moderates KCII and JCIA Meeting on Cosmetics Safety Regulations, Promoting Sustainable Cosmetics

JCIA Meets with KCII, Seongmin(Mike) Sohn from REACH24H Korea as Moderator (the first from right)

Sharing Regulatory Updates Between Japan and South Korea

The meeting began with an overview of the current regulations in Japan and Korea regarding cosmetic ingredient safety. The representatives discussed the importance of ensuring the safety of cosmetic products, particularly in light of recent concerns about the safety of certain ingredients.

On the topic of cosmetic ingredient safety regulations in Japan, the representatives from JCIA explained the regulatory framework in Japan, including the role of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) and the Cosmetics and Quasi-Drug Council (CQC). They also discussed recent changes to the regulations, such as the introduction of the Positive List system, which requires that all cosmetic ingredients be evaluated for safety before they can be used in products.

From South Korea’s side, the representatives from KCII then provided an overview of the regulations in Korea, including the role of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) and the Cosmetic Safety Division. They also mentioned recent key regulatory changes, such as introducing the Safety Assessment Report (SAR) system, which requires that all cosmetic products be evaluated for safety before they can be marketed in Korea.

Future Collaborations at Sight

The organizations identified several areas where the organizations could work together, including information exchange, human exchange, training/education, conferences, and research projects. KCII expressed interest in learning more about the regulatory framework in Japan and potentially collaborating on research projects, while JCIA expressed interest in learning more about the SAR system in Korea and potentially collaborating on training and education initiatives.

Overall, the meeting was productive, with both organizations expressing a commitment to working together to ensure the safety of cosmetic products in Japan and Korea. They agreed to continue the dialogue and explore future collaboration opportunities.

REACH24H Facilitates the Collaboration

The cosmetics industry is global, and ensuring the safety and sustainability of cosmetic products requires collaboration and cooperation across borders. By working together, KCII, JCIA, and REACH24H can help to set new standards for cosmetic ingredient safety and sustainability, not just in Japan and Korea, but around the world. REACH24H is excited to be a part of this effort and remains committed to advancing the cause of sustainable cosmetics.

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