REACH24H Takes the Stage at 2023 Cosmetic Safety Symposium by KCII: Sharing Global Insights on Safety and Sustainability

Nov. 30th, 2023

SEOUL, 30 November 2023 – REACH24H Consulting Group proudly participated as an invited industry expert at the esteemed KCII’s 2023 Global Cosmetic Safety Symposium at the Grand Hall of Korea International Trade Association (KITA). This exclusive invitation serves as a testament to our expertise and thought leadership in the field of cosmetic compliance and regulatory affairs.

2023 Cosmetic Safety Symposium by KCII REACH24H

Mr. Tiangu Yuan, General Manager of REACH24H Japan (leftmost)

The seminar, organized by the Korea Cosmetic Industry Institute (KCII) and sponsored by the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Korea (MoHW), took place on November 21, 2023. Bringing together more than 150 industry leaders, regulatory authorities, and renowned experts, this annual international conference served as a platform to discuss the latest advancements and challenges in cosmetic safety and quality management.

As a trusted global regulatory consulting firm, REACH24H Consulting Group delivered two insightful sessions at the seminar, focusing on the Japanese cosmetics industry’s regulatory landscape and compliance requirements. Our esteemed expert and General Manager of REACH24H Japan, Mr. Tiangu Yuan(En Tenya), provided valuable insights into the safety management requirements and compliance key points for cosmetic products in Japan.

Navigating Compliance in the Japanese Cosmetic Market

When entering the Japanese cosmetic market, understanding the regulatory landscape is crucial. Japan classifies cosmetics into general cosmetics and quasi-drugs, each with its specific compliance requirements. While general cosmetics have more lenient thresholds, quasi-drugs face stringent regulations.

Mr. Yuan emphasized in his speech, “To ensure successful compliance, careful planning and determining the appropriate category for your products are crucial.” Despite compliance in Japan being comparatively less challenging than in other markets, recent years have witnessed stricter regulations in sales and market operations. Failure to address quality management systems and Japanese labelling properly can lead to penalties such as consumer complaints and product recalls.

Tiangu Yuan REACH24H

He further highlighted that for foreign companies, focusing on general cosmetics can serve as a strategic entry point. It is recommended to meticulously select reliable partners or distributors, establish clear communication channels, and implement traceable production and sales records. By prioritizing quality management and compliance, companies can establish a stable and lasting presence in the Japanese market.

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Insights on the European Cosmetic Market from IFRA and COSMED

Alongside REACH24H, speakers from IFRA and COSMED provided valuable insights into the EU cosmetic market, international fragrance standards, and upcoming revisions to the EU CLP regulation and the REACH framework, which will significantly impact the cosmetics sector from 2024 to 2029.

Caroline Bassoni from COSMED shed light on the implications of these revisions for cosmetic companies. She highlighted the changing definition of complex substances (More than One Constituent Substance, MOCS) and their potential impact on natural essential oils. Furthermore, she emphasized key points such as stricter exemptions for polymers and low-tonnage chemicals, along with enhanced risk control measures for chemical usage from an environmental standpoint.

Caroline Bassoni REACH24H

Additionally, she delved into the implementation of the European Green Deal environmental standards and the resulting requirements for ingredient sourcing, recyclable packaging, and sustainable supply chains. By sharing our expertise and insights, we inspire industry players to embrace innovation and sustainability in their operations.

Furthermore, IFRA’s President, Martina Bianchini, made a captivating virtual appearance to connect with the Korean audience, introducing the organization’s role and market presence. She delved into the crucial aspects of fragrance safety standards and technical guidelines for certification. Concluding her session, Martina provided insights into IFRA’s recent activities and outlined their plans for sustainability.

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REACH24H Consulting Group is honoured to have been part of this esteemed seminar, collaborating with other international experts and industry practitioners. Our participation underscores our commitment to supporting the cosmetic industry with comprehensive regulatory solutions and strategic guidance. We are confident that our speeches provided valuable knowledge and guidance to participants, enabling them to navigate the evolving regulatory landscape successfully.

We eagerly look forward to engaging in more fruitful discussions, networking with industry peers, and contributing to the advancement of cosmetic safety and quality management in the future.