Discover the Latest Chinese Cosmetics Regulatory Updates with REACH24H at CosmoBeauty Seoul 2023

May. 26th, 2023

SEOUL, 26 May 2023 – CosmoBeauty Seoul, one of the leading international beauty exhibitions, is set to showcase the ever-evolving landscape of the cosmetics industry. Among the esteemed lineup of speakers, on May 25, 2023, Hyojin Jung, an experienced Senior Regulatory Specialist from REACH24H Korea, took the stage to shed light on the latest Chinese cosmetics and ingredient regulatory trends and shared valuable compliance strategies.


Hyojin Jung Speaking at the Venue

As the cosmetics market in China continues to flourish, staying up to date with the regulatory environment and compliance requirements is crucial for businesses operating within the industry. Hyojin Jung, a regulatory specialist at REACH24H Consulting Group, presented a comprehensive overview of the current regulatory landscape, spanning from cosmetic ingredients to finished products.

During her session, attendees gained valuable insights into the recent regulatory trends and updates in China’s cosmetics industry. Her presentation provided a deep understanding of the key regulations that govern the manufacturing, importation, and sale of cosmetics in the Chinese market. Furthermore, she shared practical compliance strategies designed to help companies navigate the complex regulatory framework and ensure successful market entry and product launches.

REACH24H also hosted a booth at CosmoBeauty Seoul located at Q-11, which served as a valuable resource for industry professionals seeking expert advice and guidance on regulatory compliance, market access, and product registration not only in China and in other regions as well.

By participating in CosmoBeauty Seoul 2023, REACH24H Consulting Group has reinforced its reputation as a top regulatory consulting firm in the cosmetics industry. With its wide range of comprehensive services, expert guidance, and advice on regulatory compliance, market access, and product registration, REACH24H has become a trusted resource for industry professionals who need assistance navigating the complex regulatory landscape. Our strong presence at the event highlights its unwavering commitment to delivering innovative solutions and helping companies achieve compliance in various regions across the globe.

About CosmoBeauty Seoul

CosmoBeauty Seoul is an international beauty exhibition held annually, bringing together industry professionals, beauty brands, and innovators from around the world. The event showcases the latest advancements in cosmetics, skincare, beauty devices, and more, offering attendees a glimpse into the future of the beauty industry. Find out more:

About REACH24H

REACH24H is a leading regulatory consulting firm specializing in regulatory compliance of chemicals, cosmetics, food and food contact materials, agrochemicals, biocides, and pharmaceuticals. With a team of experts and extensive industry experience, REACH24H provides comprehensive services to help companies navigate complex regulatory frameworks and ensure compliance in various regions all at once.

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