One-Stop Solution for China Food Compliance Management: COMBOX

Apr. 25th, 2022

Are you dealing with inefficient compliance reviews of food ingredients? Not sure whether the existing labels meet China’s food regulations? Are you confused about the food ingredients prohibited or restricted in China?

Food ingredient or label non-compliance has always been the major reason for food rejection by Chinese customs according to our daily monitoring. It is time-consuming and always takes a lot of effort for enterprises to search for a relevant legal basis to confirm the compliance of their products.

In order to solve the difficulties of food companies in food ingredient compliance and labeling and improve their compliance efficiency and accuracy, REACH24H Consulting Group has newly launched a China food compliance system-COMBOX.

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What is COMBOX?

COMBOX ( is an intelligent China food compliance management tool developed by REACH24H Consulting Group. This system leverages data intelligence to help you make compliance audit and label production faster, easier, and more enjoyable.

COMBOX has collected the food ingredients based on more than 10 years of audit data from our technical team. Which includes:

  • Exclusive collection of 5,000+ standard search terms and 20,000 alias search terms of ordinary food ingredients.
  • Access up-to-date use conditions of
    • China Approved New Food Ingredients
    • New Nutritional fortification substances approved in China
    • New food additives approved in China
    • Nutritional fortification substances that are allowed to be used in China are listed in GB 14880-2012
    • Food additives that are allowed to be used in China are listed in GB2760-2014
    • Catalogue of Substances Traditionally Considered as Both Food and Chinese Medicine
    • Bacterial Cultures Permitted in Foods
    • Non-edible substances and easily abused food additives that may be illegally added to food

How Can COMBOX Help?

Key Function 1: Ingredient Check

Enter an ingredient to fast retrieve the permitted usage of the ingredient in China and obtain key data regarding use basis, use limit, etc.

Step 1:Fill in “ingredient name”

Step 2:Click“Details” to get its use conditions

Key Function 2: Formula Review

Input product formula information and select the product type and the place of origin to get a pre-feasibility assessment of the formula

Step 1:Fill in “product name”, select“product category” and “place of origin”

Step 2:Input the ingredient information or import the receipt in one go

Step 3:Click“compliance audit” to make compliance audit; Click“generate report” to download the report; For complex ingredients, you can contact us for a “manual audit”

Key Function 3: Label Design

Provide mandatory labeling items in accordance with China food regulations to generate and download a Chinese label sample

Step 1:Fill in “product name”, select “product category “and “place of origin”; Or you can select products directly from the “drafts “to make labels.

Step 2:Fill in the label content and the nutrition information; click “Save and Preview” to instantly generate the “Chinese label” sample.

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