REACH24H Empowers France-China Business at China Business Forum 2024

May. 23rd, 2024

PARIS, 23 May 2024 – REACH24H Consulting Group, a leading regulatory compliance consulting firm specializing in chemicals, agrochemicals, and consumer goods, played a pivotal role as a sponsor and expert speaker at the China Business Forum 2024 organized by Business France. The event, held on May 6, 2024, in Paris, France, marked the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between France and China and aimed to highlight business opportunities and strategies for entering the Chinese market.

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China’s remarkable economic growth over the past three decades has propelled it to become the world’s second-largest economy, making it a crucial market for companies worldwide. As a sponsor of the China Business Forum, REACH24H showcased its expertise in navigating China’s complex regulatory landscape.

Arnola Lilaj, Regulatory and Governmental Affairs Specialist of REACH24H, delivered an insightful panel discussion on “Opportunities and Trends in the Agri-Food Products Sector.” The discussion focused on enlightening French companies about the regulatory process for exporting to China and provided practical steps to navigate the complex landscape.

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During the panel, she offered an overview of the following key topics:

  1. Regulatory Process for Exporting to China: REACH24H provided valuable information on the regulatory requirements imposed by the General Administration of Customs of China (GACC) for overseas manufacturers seeking to export agri-food products to China. The discussion covered the GACC registration procedure, specific considerations based on the food product category, and the essential steps that EU companies must complete before exporting.
  2. Distinctions between Cross Border E-Commerce and General Trade: REACH24H highlighted the contrasting regulatory requirements for cross-border e-commerce and general trade, which are the two primary ways to export to China. The focus was on general trade requirements, encompassing stages of product compliance, registration, customs declaration, inspections, and domestic market surveillance after obtaining customs release.
  3. Labelling Requirements for Imported Food Products: REACH24H provided comprehensive insights into the mandatory and optional labelling information requirements outlined in Chinese standards GB 7718 and GB 28050. Specific examples related to wine and cheese products were discussed, as they are particularly relevant to French companies.

The panel discussion concluded with REACH24H offering best practice advice to all French and EU companies looking to enter the Chinese market with food products:

  1. Evaluate Export Channels: Companies should carefully assess the advantages and disadvantages of general trade and cross-border e-commerce to determine the most suitable export channel that aligns with their business needs.
  2. Ensure Product Compliance: Accurate product classification is crucial, as it determines the applicable standards and regulatory requirements for imports. By ensuring proper classification, companies can avoid potential customs rejections and facilitate smoother import processes.
  3. Stay Updated on Chinese Regulations: Continuous monitoring of relevant Chinese regulations is essential. English regulation news platforms like ChemLinked can bridge the language barrier and provide valuable updates to companies.
  4. Seek Expert Assistance: Given the complexity of Chinese regulations, companies can benefit from seeking guidance from professional consulting firms like REACH24H, which possess extensive experience in this field.

During the B2B meetings, REACH24H engaged with several SMEs operating in the food sector, particularly cheese and wine producers. These companies expressed interest in advice regarding the most convenient exporting methods and concerns about the regulatory process’s complexity, length, and cost. Some companies also showed interest in expanding their market reach beyond China to other Asian countries like Korea and Japan, noting REACH24H’s presence in these regions. Business France promoted the prevailing trend of bringing high-quality food products, including cheese and champagne, to China through tasting events and conferences.

The China Business Forum 2024 attracted a wide range of participants from various sectors, including consumer goods, agri-food, health, industry, and cultural and creative industries. The event provided a platform for networking and knowledge-sharing, fostering collaboration between French and Chinese businesses.

As a leading regulatory compliance consulting firm, REACH24H continues to support businesses by providing expert guidance on navigating China’s intricate regulatory environment. The presence of REACH24H at the China Business Forum 2024 underscored the company’s commitment to supporting French and EU companies in successfully navigating China’s market and ensuring regulatory compliance.

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