South Korea’s MFDS Proposes Digital Inspection for Imported Foods

Jun. 30th, 2023

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) consulted on the amendments of the Enforcement Decree and Enforcement Rule of the Special Act on Imported Food Safety Management individually, introducing digital inspection on imported foods and animal-derived foods subject to import sanitation assessment. The consultation period is set to end on July 24, 2024.

The mainly proposed amendments include the following:

Specifying the procedure and product scope of digital inspection on imported foods

The product scope and procedure of digital inspection for import declarations are stipulated in detail, following the legal basis for converting the documentary inspection to automated digital inspection established in the Imported Food Act.

To be specific, the repeatedly imported foods that are subject to documentary inspection are specified to undergo digital inspection. The digital inspection system can automatically inspect the documents and issue a certification of import declaration confirmation if the products comply with Korean laws. Moreover, the authority plans to regularly check the system to ensure it operates properly and avoids errors.

With this revision, the review of import declaration documents is expected to be realized within 5 minutes anytime without working hour limitations.

Specifying the scope of animal-derived foods subject to import sanitation assessment

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