Navigating Pesticide Registration Changes in China: A Practical Guide with Precautions

Mar. 01st, 2024

Once the official pesticide registration license is obtained in China, any necessary changes to the information on the license can be made through the application for pesticide registration changes.  We have summarized several situations in which changes can be made to the pesticide registration license, along with important precautions to consider.

Pesticide Registration Change

According to the provisions of the “Administrative Measures for Pesticide Registration,” if any of the following situations occur during the validity period of the pesticide registration license, the holder should apply for changes to the Ministry of Agriculture:

  • Changing the scope, methods, or dosage of pesticide use.
  • Changing the composition of ingredients other than the active ingredient.
  • Changing the toxicity level of the product.
  • Changing the content of the active ingredient of the technical material product.
  • Changing the product quality standards.
  • Other situations specified by the Ministry of Agriculture.

If it is necessary to change the holder of the pesticide registration license, relevant supporting documents should be submitted, and an application should be made to the Ministry of Agriculture for the replacement of the pesticide registration license.

Precautions for Pesticide Registration Changes in China

  1. When applying for registration changes, the holder of the pesticide registration license should submit an application to the Ministry of Agriculture, fill out the application form, and provide relevant documents.
  2. If the pesticide registration license is not in a valid status, it is not possible to apply for registration changes. In such cases, a new pesticide registration application should be submitted.
  3. After applying for registration changes, only the requested changes will be modified. The validity period of the pesticide registration license remains the same.
  4.  The specific documents required for registration changes can be provided according to the requirements outlined in Annex 5 of the registration documentation requirements, based on different situations.

Administrative Review Guidelines

The Ministry of Agriculture shall complete the review process within six months, formulate review opinions, and submit them to the Pesticide Registration Review Committee for evaluation. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs will make the approval decision within 20 working days from the date of receiving the evaluation opinions. If the application meets the requirements, the application will be approved, and the registration license number and validity period will remain unchanged. If the application does not meet the requirements, the applicant will be notified in writing with the reasons provided.

By proactively engaging in the registration change process, companies can ensure compliance with regulations, maintain the validity of their pesticide registration license, and adapt their products to meet the ever-changing landscape of the Chinese market.

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