Understanding Newly Introduced Guidance for MEE Order No. 12: Part I

Dec. 28th, 2020

On November 17th, 2020, the Chinese Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) published the Guidance on Environmental Management Registration of New Chemical Substances[1], along with tables used in registration of new chemical substances and instructions for filling them in.

The Guidance is a normative document dedicated to supporting the implementation of MEE Order No. 12 [3], which will replace MEP Order No. 7 next year. It details requirements laid out for the registration of new chemical substances, with an aim of providing facilitation for businesses involved and enabling more standardized and better-regulated practices in this regard.

Ms. Nelly Chen, a senior regulatory consultant from REACH24H elaborated on major highlights in the Guidance at  CRAC-HCF 2020 [2], to help you get a better understanding of your obligations and ensure better regulatory compliance. (You can also access Ms. Ting Shen’s presentation [in English language] on how to know your portfolio and start preparing now for MEE Order No. 12 via the link above.)

Click here to read the Scope of Exemption, Applicant and Representatives, Types of Registration, Materials Required for Registration and Registration Procedures of MEE Order No. 12

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[2]CRAC-HCF 2020

[3]CL Translation: MEE Order No. 12