SAWS Removes Some Industries Subject to the HazChems Safe Use Permit

Feb. 27th, 2013

3 Main Industries 10 Sub-Categories 25 Specific Products
Chemical raw materials and chemical manufacturing Basic chemical raw materials manufacturing Inorganic acid
Inorganic base
Inorganic salt
Organic chemical raw materials
Other basic chemical raw materials
Fertilizer manufacturing Nitrogen fertilizers
Phosphate fertilizers
Potash fertilizers
Organic fertilizers and microbiological fertilizers
Other fertilizers
Pesticide manufacturing Chemical pesticides
Coating, ink, pigment and other similar products manufacturing Coatings
Ink and other similar products
Synthetic materials manufacturing Plastic in primary forms and synthetic resin
Synthetic rubbers
Synthetic fiber monomer and polymer
Other synthetic materials
Exclusive-use chemical products manufacturing Chemical reagent and auxiliary
Specific chemical Products
Forest chemical products
Drug materials for environmental pollution treatment
Other exclusive-use chemical products
Daily chemical products manufacturing Soap and synthetic detergen
Fragrance and flavor
Pharmaceutical manufacturing Chemical drug raw materials manufacturing Chemical drug raw materials manufacturing
Chemical drug preparationsmanufacturing Chemical drug preparations
Veterinary drugs manufacturing Veterinary drugs
Chemical fibers manufacturing Cellulose raw materials and fiber Chemical fiber pulp
Artificial fibers (cellulose)
Synthetic fiber manufacturing Nylon fibers
Polyester fibers
Acrylic fibers
PVA fibers
Polypropylene fiber
Other synthetic fibers

Companies engaged in the manufacturing of the 13 deleted products will be exempted to apply for the safe Use permit. Meanwhile, this amendment has made clearer the scope of affected companies, since some vague terms such as “other synthetic fibers” are deleted.