Spotlight on Taiwan PEC Registration Regulatory Compliance Strategy

Apr. 17th, 2024

Jessica Chung, Joy Shi


The end of 2024 is the deadline for the standard registration of existing chemicals in China’s Taiwan, and the guidance provides a variety of options for the types of data submitted. At this point, how to choose the right data type for submission is a challenge for enterprises. Especially when it comes to registration schedules, cost accounting, etc., the suitability evaluation of data types for submission is often the focus of registration. As a third-party agent (TPR), REACH24H has actively assisted major enterprises in completing cases in recent years and has accumulated rich practical experience. The suggestions like application scope for each data type will be explained in detail to help companies quickly interpret their own compliance strategy.


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  1. Compliance Interpretation
  2. How to Complete Standard Registration of Existing Chemicals Effectively
  3. Experience Sharing in Practical Cases


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2024-04-17 10:00 ~ 11:00 Beijing: 10:00-11:00 Chinese
2024-04-17 21:00 ~ 22:00 London: 14:00-15:00 New York: 9:00-10:00 English
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Jessica Chung

Regulatory Affairs Consultant

Jessia Zhong, with over 5 years of experience in Taiwan chemical registration, specializes in the registration of new and existing chemicals. With professional knowledge and experience, able to quickly and accurately assess the registration requirements of chemicals, ensuring that clients register their chemicals in compliance. In addition, effectively communicates and coordinates with laboratories, professional institutions, and other parties to ensure a smooth registration process. In the field of chemical regulatory registration, Jessica is a trusted expert with rich experience and professional knowledge in evaluating various cases of new and existing chemical substances, supervising testing items, and preparing technical dossiers.

Joy Shi

ChemLinked Regulatory Analyst

Ms. Joy Shi is dedicated to chemical registration in Asia Pacific Region, e.g., Chinese Mainland, China’s Taiwan, Japan and so on. With abundant knowledge in chemical regulations, she is experienced with the compliance work and has provided valuable solutions to many corporations domestic and abroad.

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