One Year, 80 Million GMV: How Interest-Based E-Commerce Propelled an Overseas Health Food Brand to Succeed in China

Jul. 14th, 2023

Lynn Huang, Rita Bao


China’s health functional food market is undergoing steady expansion, driven by the growth of the aging population and increasing health consciousness. The market exhibits relatively low concentration, creating a promising environment for new entrants seeking to establish a foothold. Currently, cross-border e-commerce (CBEC) remains the most effective channel for overseas brands to enter the Chinese market with low entry barriers and high cost-effectiveness. Among various CBEC platforms, interest-based e-commerce platforms, represented by Douyin, have emerged as a fast track for overseas health functional food brands to obtain extensive exposure and achieve rapid growth.

This webinar will delve into China’s health functional food industry and explore the most effective ways to enter the Chinese market. Additionally, attendees will gain valuable insights from REACH24H’s expertise in facilitating overseas health functional food brands to succeed in China.


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Session One

Interest-Based E-commerce: The Fast Track to Success for Overseas Health Functional Food Brands in China

1. Market Overview of China’s Health Functional Food Industry

1.1 Market Size and Growth Potential

1.2 Import Status Quo

1.3 Sales Channels

2. Pathway to Enter the Chinese Market

2.1 Cross-border E-commerce VS General Trade

2.2 CBEC Policy

2.3 Major CBEC Platforms

3. Interest-Based E-commerce

3.1 The Rise of Interest-Based E-commerce

3.2 Ecosystem of Interest-Based E-commerce

3.3 Operating Strategies

3.3.1 Short Video

3.3.2 Live Streaming

3.3.3 Douyin Mall

Session Two

Case Study: How an Overseas Health Food Brand Achieved Over 80 Million GMV in Just One Year


*The outline may be subjected to subtle changes.


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2023-07-14 21:00 ~ 22:00 London: 14:00-15:00

New York: 09:00-10:00



Lynn Huang

Consumer Product Department Director

After graduating from The University of Queensland, Lynn joined REACH24H Consulting Group. Lynn has more than 10 years regulatory compliance consulting experience in the chemical, food and cosmetic industries. 5 years ago, Lynn explored the Cross-border E-commerce business and started a subsidiary e-commerce company of REACH24H, focusing on collaboration with overseas companies and helping brands enter China through CBEC. Lynn has successfully introduced a number of overseas cosmetics and food products to incubate and operate on the Daddy Lab’s e-commerce platform reaching an annual sale of over 10million RMB. Currently, Lynn is mainly operating Holland & Barrett, a UK Leading food supplement brand, and Daewoong, a well-known Korean health food brand.

Rita Bao

ChemLinked Market Research Analyst

Rita Bao is a research analyst in the ChemLinked market team. She mainly tracks the latest market changes and trends about consumer goods in China and conducts in-depth analysis of market intelligence and consumer demand. Areas of expertise: cosmetics, clean beauty, perfume, fashionable trends, luxury products, health food, and dairy.

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