How to Cope with the Latest China Infant Formula Regulation Changes?

Apr. 8th, 2021

Yuanzhao Yu

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On Mar. 18, 2021, China NHC unveiled the new GB standards for infant formula milk powder. Compared with the former versions, a new product standard is released to regulate the technical requirements of stage 2 infant formula; some nutrients and protein requirements are also adjusted to ensure efficacy and safety. Later, the competent authority issued an announcement detailing the formula registration/alteration/renewal issues under new GBs. It is widely believed that more and more guidance and measures are around the corner.

At present, many enterprises are concerned about the impacts caused by new standards and the upcoming formula registration requirements. Does it mean a new round of formula registration is approaching? How can enterprises deal with the regulation changes? Our speaker will share his opinions in this webinar.


Part 1 Amendments to infant formula GB standards

1.1 2021 version vs. 2010 version

1.2 Impact of changes

Part 2 Formula registration under new GBs

2.1 formula registration/alteration/renewal issues under new GBs

2.2 Approaches and advice to deal with changes


Date Time (GMT+8) World Clock Language
2021-04-08 16:00 ~ 17:00 UK: 09:00-10:00 English

Yuanzhao Yu

Food regulatory specialist

Yuanzhao Yu, who graduated from North Carolina State University with a master’s degree in food science, is now working as a food regulation specialist in REACH24H Consulting Group. 8-year’s working experience in the infant formula sector has afforded him unique insights in this sector.

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