Comprehensive Guide to Exporting Cosmetics to Vietnam

Jul. 19th, 2023

Yen Vu


Vietnam is a rapidly growing market with a high demand for cosmetic products. With a population of over 99 million and a rapidly growing middle class, Vietnam presents a great opportunity for businesses looking to expand their reach. However, exporting to Vietnam can be challenging without the proper knowledge and understanding of the country’s regulations and market trends. ChemLinked organized this webinar to provide a comprehensive guide on exporting cosmetics to Vietnam, including regulatory requirements, market trends, and other vital considerations.

By the end of this webinar, enterprises will better understand the Vietnamese market and gain valuable insights into how to export cosmetic products to Vietnam successfully.



1. Introduction

1.1 What are cosmetics?

1.2 Market Overview

2. Regulatory Landscape and Import Procedures

2.1 Regulatory landscape

2.2 Import procedure

3. Notification Process

3.1 Procedure and Timeline

3.2 Required documents

3.3 Ingredient requirements

3.4 Changes in notified products

4. Labelling Requirements

4.1 Mandatory labeling information and language requirements

4.2 Sub-label requirements

5. Claims and Advertisement Requirements

5.1 Possible claims

5.2 Advertisement requirements

5.3 Procedure and timeline

6. Product Information File

6.1 General requirements

6.2 Post-market surveillance

7. Conclusions

7.1 Recap key points

8. Q&A Session


Date Time (GMT+8) World Clock Language
2023-07-19 22:00 ~ 23:00 London: 15:00-16:00

New York: 10:00-11:00



Yen Vu

Regulatory Affairs Manager

Yen Vu is an experienced regulatory affairs manager with a proven track record in ensuring compliance with local regulations and laws in the cosmetic and healthcare industry. Strong knowledge of product registration and regulatory requirements. Skilled in managing cross-functional teams and liaising with regulatory authorities. Initial major in Biotechnology Engineering, she then got the Law Decree to strengthen her legal background. She has spent the last four years as a Regulatory Affairs Manager for L’Oreal Vietnam. Before that, she has been working for more than ten years for Law Firms, including Tilleke Gibbins – the leading IP Law Firm in Asia.

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