A Look Back at 2023: Food Regulatory Updates in South Korea and Japan

Jan. 16th, 2024

Rose Hong

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2023 has been a challenging and dynamic year for the global food industry in terms of regulatory advancements and enforcement. Governments and international organizations have introduced new policies and regulations to ensure food safety, quality, and transparency. From novel food approvals and labelling requirements to updates in food contact materials and additive regulations, businesses operating in the global food market have faced evolving compliance challenges and opportunities.

In particular, South Korea and Japan, as participants in shaping the global food industry in 2023, have been driving the improvement of their respective food regulatory systems in various aspects such as food ingredients, additives, labelling, and more. Among them, South Korea implemented the new use-by-date labelling requirement, which aims to reduce food waste. Besides, the requirements related to meat alternatives are released. Japan officially releases the Positive List for food utensils, containers, and packaging, and makes multiple adjustments to the list and regulations regarding additives.

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1 China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) January 15, 2024 $159 $ 499
2 South Korea, Japan January 16, 2024 $159
3 Southeast Asia, India January 17, 2024 $159
4 Europe, North America, Oceania January 18, 2024 $159


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South Korea

  • Labelling
  • Food Additive
  • Health Functional Food
  • Foreign Food Facility
  • MRL
  • Food Ingredient
  • Food Product Standards
  • Imported Food Requirements


  • FCM
  • Food Additive
  • Health Food
  • Dairy
  • MRL

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Rose Hong

ChemLinked Regulatory Analyst

Jerry Wang is a food regulatory analyst and news editor working at Chemlinked. He keeps a close eye on the food regulation dynamics around Asia Pacific Regions and has a deep understanding of the food market access requirements of China. The fields he is skilled in include the import of prepackaged food, food ingredient compliance and label review.

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