A Look Back at 2023: Cosmetic Regulatory Updates in China

Jan. 16th, 2024

Hedy He

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2023 has been a dynamic year for the global cosmetic industry, marked by significant strides in regulatory advancements and enforcement. Governments and international organizations have implemented new policies and regulations aimed at enhancing the safety, quality, and transparency of cosmetic products. The developments include the introduction of the cosmetic overarching regulation, revisions to pre-market and post-market supervision regulations, and updates to ingredient use requirements. As a result, businesses operating within the global cosmetic market have encountered evolving compliance challenges and opportunities.

In particular, China has emerged as a key player shaping the global cosmetic industry in 2023. Throughout the year, China has witnessed significant regulatory developments that impact cosmetic businesses both domestically and internationally. These advancements encompassed the implementation of a series of CSAR subsidiary regulations, revisions made to the Safety and Technical Standards for Cosmetics (STSC), and the provision of clearer guidelines for the submission of ingredient safety information. Collectively, these regulatory developments bolstered the overall regulatory landscape of the industry.

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1 China January 16, 2024 $159 $ 399
2 Asia Pacific January 17, 2024 $159
3 Europe and North America January 18, 2024 $159


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1. Chinese Mainland

1.1 Updates to CSAR Framework

  • CSAR regulations released in 2023

1.2 Cosmetic and Toothpaste Product Management

  • Sampling inspection
  • Online operation
  • Formula filling in and submitting
  • Children’s cosmetics
  • Toothpaste regulations
  • Freckle-removing and whitening cosmetics

1.3 Cosmetic Ingredient Management

  • Ingredient safety information submission
  • STSC revision
  • Revision to ingredient use requirements
  • New cosmetic ingredient regulations

1.4 Regulatory Requirements to be Effective in 2024

  • Submit safety information for all ingredients
  • Submit a full version of the safety assessment report
  • Complete the label update for marketed toothpaste

2. Taiwan, China

2.1 Prohibited Ingredients

2.2 Guidance for PIF

*The final outline may be subjected to subtle revisions.


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2024-01-16 21:30 ~ 22:30 London: 13:30-14:30 New York: 08:30-09:30 English


Hedy He

ChemLinked Regulatory Analyst

Hedy is an experienced cosmetic regulatory analyst in the ChemLinked team. She focuses on tracking, analyzing, and interpreting the latest cosmetic regulatory and market changes in China, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the rest of the Asia Pacific area. With an in-depth understanding of cosmetics regulations, she attended various industry conferences and presented several speeches in multiple industry conferences such as In-cosmetics Asia and often been interviewed by well-known cosmetics industry media. Area of expertise: China cosmetic import compliance, pre-market approval procedures, animal testing, Indonesia cosmetics halal certification, and Vietnam cosmetics compliance.

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