Transport of Dangerous Goods in China (In English)

May. 10th, 2019


•  Do you import or export hazardous chemicals or articles to and from China?

•  Do you know the current legal situation in the field of the chemical and dangerous goods laws?

•  Do you know the ADR 2019 and the Road Transport of Dangerous Goods Regulation in China JT/T 617 (2018)?

•  How does the China  JT/T 617 (2018) impact transportation process?

•  Would you be interested in a discussion featuring experts who provided consultation to the authorities for the development of the transport of dangerous goods in China?

About Seminar

Do you import or export hazardous chemicals or articles to and from China? For those professionals involved in this industry, understanding and managing the current legal situation in the field of the chemical and dangerous goods laws is a must. Experts from REACH24H Consulting Group from Hangzhou, China will be joining German UMCO GmbH, to provide professionals with the newest regulatory developments and practical requirements for the road transport of dangerous goods in China.

One of the main aspects of this seminar will be the relationship between ADR 2019 and the new Chinese JT/T 617. This seminar will compare the structure of both regulations and offer a comprehensive analysis on their content. Both differences and similarities regarding the road transport of dangerous goods in Europe and China will be prioritized in this event.



For more than 37 years, UMCO GmbH has been the leading consulting company offering compliance solutions for the handling of chemical products and their worldwide distribution capabilities.

UMCO approximately 1,000 customers worldwide along the chemical value chain benefit from our extensive industry knowledge as well as our experienced and highly qualified employees. You receive a complete consultation for materials, systems, organization and transport at the highest level. In addition to the topics of International Chemicals Law, SHE Management and Dangerous Goods Management, our portfolio includes legal security and auditing as well as emergency management.

The best partner on Dangerous Goods

•  nvolved in the management of dangerous goods since 1989

•  EU Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser for more than 150 companies (especially chemical and logistic companies and warehouses)

•  More than 50 successful DG compliance trainings carried out in the last two years

•  10 “Dangerous Goods Assessments” in the last year, e.g. German airplane manufacturer

•  Comissioned to assist in the development of German national regulations

■ REACH24H Consulting Group

REACH24H is an internationally renowned technological services company with headquartering in Hangzhou, China and branches in Ireland, the United States, and Taiwan. The company has a number of internationally certified toxicologists, specialized safety appraisers, and risk assessment experts. By creating a 24-hour global consulting service network and a technical experts’ team, REACH24H provides one-stop international market entrance services.

REACH24H has years of experience in dangerous goods and hazardous chemical compliance service, provide dangerous goods transport/hazardous chemical safety advisory services; dangerous goods transport/hazardous chemical safety compliance reporting services, and provide the corresponding recommendations in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the country’s existing dangerous goods transport/ hazardous chemical standards, and the needs of enterprises.

All-round-services to companies: professional support every step of the way:

•  Support on queries concerning DG transport EU to CN and CN to EU

•  Auditing of companies to determine „Dangerous goods organization”

•  Training available for all modes of transport

•  Organization and execution of “Dangerous goods”(in-house) seminars on EU and CN systems

•  Consulting services for the storage of Hazardous materials


■ Introduction: Dangerous goods – The Transport of Dangerous Goods  to China

•  Some practical experiences of an European shipper

■ Interpretation to China’s Transport Regulatory System for all Modes of Transport

•  Administrative authorities

•  Regulatory framework

•  Regulatory  developments

Requirements for Dangerous Goods Management in China– Comparison between European ADR and JT/T 617

•  Current status of Dangerous Goods Management in China

•  Interpretation of key points of “Measures for Safety Administration of Road Transport of Dangerous Goods “and JT/T 617 standard

•  Key Points and Requirements for Dangerous Goods Shipments on the basis of ADR compared with JT/T 617

■ Transport of Lithium Batteries

•  Regulatory Framework for Lithium Batteries

•  Specific Provision for Lithium Batteries •  Study for the Transport of Lithium Batteries

■ Inspection and supervision of import and export of dangerous goods

•  Regulatory basis

•  Detail interpretation of key points of compliance.

•  Other national compulsory requirements like “Label  Review”

■ Practical workshop and discussion


We would like to introduce you to the speakers of this seminar*. As experts, they work on a daily basis for our customers as consultants or as trainers.

*professionals final availability may vary based on date of the seminar.

Mr. Willi Weßelowscky

Head of Dangerous Goods UMCO GmbH

Mr. Willi Weßelowscky is senior consultant and professional for transport and storage of dangerous goods and hazardous plant safety with over 20 years of experience in EU Dangerous Goods Advising for all modes of transport and Port Facility Security.

Mr. Weßelowscky conducts many trainings in IATA-DGR (air) and speaks as an expert about all subjects concerning the transport and storage of dangerous goods at national and international meetings and conferences.

Mr. Jackie Jin

Regulatory Compliance Specialist      REACH24H Consulting Group

Mr. Jin graduated from University of Manchester with a master’s degree in polymer materials and now is focusing on tracking of chemical management (mainly including GHS and registration of chemicals) globally and has offered compliance services including classification and compilation of SDSs and labels for hazardous chemicals to many domestic and foreign companies. Mr. Jin also specializes in JT/ T 617 Regulations on road transport and has a deep understanding of the differences between JT/T 617 and ADR in EU, enabling him to provide professional compliant consultation services on transportation of dangerous goods (including transport of small packages) in China and EU.

Mr. Alex Zhao

Regulatory Compliance Specialist       REACH24H Consulting Group

Mr. Zhao is a REACH24H professional experienced in the classification and labeling (C&L) and compiling safety data sheets (SDS) in compliance with the requirements of China GHS. He regularly runs training programs on China GHS and hazardous chemical regulations for international companies and has provided regulatory consulting services on compliance to over 500 enterprises.

Targeted Audience

-Professionals involved in the transport of dangerous goods, especially shippers and loaders;

-Product managers;

-Quality managers;

-Employees responsible for sales security;

-Dangerous goods advisers and authorized persons.

Seminar Details

Time: Friday, 10. May 2019 (09:30-16:00)

Location: UMCO GmbH, Georg-Wilhelm-Strasse 187,21107 Hamburg

Fee: €595.00 plus VAT

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