Summer Gathering: Opportunities in China’s Food Market

Aug. 2nd, 2019


Summer has officially landed in China.

As some take advantage of the hot months to travel and explore the country’s mysteries, there are also many opportunities for those interested in growing their professional network and discuss the latest changes and developments in some of the main import-export sectors.  

As one of the most thriving sectors in China, the food market has become one of the main platforms for both foreign and domestic brands looking to expand their business. The constant changes in regulations, oversight bodies and shifting consumer preferences give businesses much to discuss and be vigilant of.

Following on this issues and the relevance of the food sector, REACH24H has decided to host a free Summer Gathering. This informal day-event will feature short tailored sessions on food market analysis and regulations in China, sharing recommendations, tools and industry trends such as China’s Wanghong multibillion dollar influencer market. 

Event Details

Time & Date: August 2, 2019

Place: Shanghai, China. 

Guest Speakers

Mr. Yang Jiao

Director of TBT Research Department of the International Inspection and Quarantine Standards and Technical Regulations Research Center of the General Administration of Customs (GAC)

Mr. Yang Jiao has been engaged in the research of food, chemical technical trade measures, risk analysis and risk warning for over 20 years. Working for China’s  GAC, Mr.Jiao has played a positive role in removing foreign technical trade barriers, establishing a technical preventive measures system, and promoting the development of foreign economic trade.

Mr. Jim Wei

General Manager of REACH24H Consulting Group Founder of Daddy Lab

Graduated from Zhejiang University, Mr. Wei served the Zhejiang Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau for 10 years, after which he became one of the funding members of REACH24H. In 2015 Mr. Wei decided to start his own company, founding Hangzhou Daddy Lab Technology Co. Ltd. Daddy Lab’s innovative approach to chemical safety earned him the top distinction at the 2016 National Social Innovation Star Competition, and he was later awarded as China’s Outstanding Social Entrepreneur in 2018.

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Finding Opportunities in China’s Food Market.

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