China Fertilizer Regulation

China Fertilizer Regulations

Laws and Regulations Time Official Document
Order No. 32, MOA 23-06-2000(2022) Administration of Fertilizer Registration
Proclamation No. 161, MOA 25-05-2001 Fertilizer Registration Data Requirements
Order No. 74, President 28-12-2002 Agriculture Law of the People\’s Republic of China
Order No. 49, President 29-04-2006 Law of the People\’s Republic of China on Quality and Safety of Agricultural Products
Proclamation No. 2287, MOA 07-08-2015 Fertilizer Registration Approval Standard
Proclamation No. 2291, MOA 02-09-2015 Fertilizer Online Declaration
Order No. 8-2017, MOA 30-11-2017 MOA Decision: Amend and Repeal Certain Regulations and Normative Documents about Administration of Fertilizer Registration and Fertilizer Registration Data Requirements
Proclamation No. 222, MOA 14-10-2019 Administrative Licensing Service Guide
MOA Office [2020] No. 15 30-09-2020 Notice on Filing Management of Some Fertilizer Products
Order No. 1, MOA 07-01-2022 Administration of Fertilizer Registration(Revised Edition)

China Fertilizer Product Compliance Requirements

Competent Authority

Management Department Work Area
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the People’s Republic of China (MOA) Approve and issue fertilizer registration certificates according to the comprehensive review opinions of the Fertilizer Registration Review Committee, and make announcements.
Fertilizer Registration Review Committee Responsible for comprehensive review of the chemical property, efficiency and safety of the fertilizer products.
Provincial Agricultural Authority Accept the fertilizer registration application of enterprises in the local administrative region, assess the production conditions of the enterprises, and have the initial review of application materials of fertilizer products before being submitted and registered in the MOA.
County-level City Agricultural Authority Responsible for fertilizer supervision and management in its administrative region

Qualification of Applicants

1) Domestic Applicants: Chinese manufacturers

Fertilizer manufacturers in Chinese mainland area, with independent legal entity and business license, including sino-foreign joint venture.

Domestic applicants should firstly apply for production capacity assessment and material preliminary review to the provincial agricultural and rural departments, and then apply for product registration to the National Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MOA).

2) Overseas Applicants: Fertilizer manufacturers outside Chinese mainland area such as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, or Fertilizer manufacturers from other foreign countries.

Overseas applicants can also apply for fertilizer registration, but before application the overseas applicant needs to designate a Chinese legal entity as the only representative responsible for the work of fertilizer registration, importing and etc.

Types of Fertilizer Registration

1) Fertilizer Registration

For fertilizer products that need field demonstration test and trial sale after field plot test, the producer shall apply for fertilizer registrations.

The validity period of the fertilizer registration certificate is 5 years. To remain the validity of the registration certificate, a renewal application shall be handled 90 days before the expiration of the validity period.

2) Renewal Registration

If it is necessary to continue to produce and sell the product, the producer shall apply for renewal of registration within 90 days before the expiration of the registration certificate

The renewal registration is also valid for 5 years.

3) Modification Registration

Within the validity period of the registration certificate, if the product’s use scope, name and enterprise name are changed without involving the product quality, the producer shall apply for the modification registration.

4) Fertilizer Filing Record

According to the Notice on Filing Management of Some Fertilizer Products (MOA Office [2020] No. 15) issued by the China MOA, the registrations of 7 types of fertilizers including: water-soluble macronutrient fertilizers, water-soluble fertilizers containing calcium and magnesium, water-soluble fertilizers containing micronutrients, magnesium potassium sulfate for agriculture, magnesium potassium chloride for agriculture, bulk blending fertilizer and compound fertilizer shall be cancelled and the compliance requirements of these 7 types of fertilizers should be changed into filing record management. The filing record is long-term valid.

 Classifications of Fertilizer Products Requiring Registration Compliance

Types of Fertilizer Products Compliance Requirements Authority



Microbial Fertilizers

Microbial Inoculants in Agriculture

Microbial Organic Fertilizers

Compound Microbial Fertilizers

Organic Matter-decomposing Inoculant

Concentrated Inoculant of Agriculture microorganism

Soil Remediation Inoculant

Bioremediating inoculant








National MOA








Chemical Fertilizers



Water-soluble Fertilizers containing Amino-acids

Water-soluble Fertilizers containing Humic-acids

Organic water-soluble fertilizers

Soil Conditioners

Slow-release Fertilizers

Water-soluble Fertilizer containing Silicon

Non Water Soluble Secondary Element Fertilizers

Micronutrients Fertilizers

Agro-forestry Absorbent Polymer

Fertilizer Synergist

Urea ammonium nitrate solution

Modified ammonium nitrate for agriculture

Calcium ammonium nitrate for agricultural use

Calcium nitrate for agriculture use

Magnesium sulfate for agricultural use

Synergistic nitrogen fertilizer
















National MOA

Other Fertilizers Organic Inorganic Compound Fertilizer

Organic Fertilizer

Rice Nursery Soil Conditioner



Provincial Agricultural Department
Filed products


Chemical Fertilizers


Water-soluble Macronutrient Fertilizers

Water-soluble Fertilizers containing Calcium and Magnesium

Water-soluble Fertilizers containing Micronutrients Magnesium Potassium Sulfate for Agriculture

Magnesium Potassium Chloride for Agriculture



Filing Record



National MOA

Other fertilizers Compound Fertilizer

Bulk Blending Fertilizer


Filing Record

Provincial Agricultural Department

Compliance Processes of Different Fertilizer Registrations

  • Fertilizer Registration Process

  • Renewal Registration Process

  • Modification Registration Process

Prohibitive Requirements of Fertilizer Products

For fertilizer products with the following circumstances, the registration application will not be accepted:

  1. Foreign products with no certificate of use (registration) in origin countries.
  2. Products that do not meet the national industrial policy.
  3. Products with disputed intellectual property rights.
  4. Products that do not meet national or industry standards requirements for safety, health, environmental protection, etc.
  5. MOA has made the decision not to accept the approval or refuse the approval in less than a year due to the reasons that the applicant conceals the facts or provides false materials in fertilizer registration.
  6. Before the product registration approval is completed, the same applicant submits the same product registration application.

Punishment Warnings

According to Administration of Fertilizer Registration issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China, relevant responsible person will get punished if follow business behaviors happen.

1. In the following cases, the agricultural administrative department will give warnings and fine that is not more than 3 times of illegal income, and the maximum fine will not exceed ¥30,000; if there is no illegal income, the fine shall be ¥10,000 or less.

(1) Producing and selling fertilizer products that do not have registration certificates.

(2) Counterfeiting fertilizer registration certificates or registration certificate numbers.

(3) The active ingredients or contents of the fertilizer products produced or sold are inconsistent with the contents registered on the registration certificate.

2. In the following cases, the agricultural administrative department will give warnings and fine that is not more than 3 times of illegal income, and the maximum fine will not exceed ¥20,000; if there is no illegal income, the fine shall be ¥10,000 or less.

(1) Transferring the fertilizer registration certificates or registration certificate numbers.

(2) Fertilizer product continues to be produced without the approval of renewal registration after the expiration of the registration certificates.

(3) There is no label on the product package; the label is incomplete; or the label content is modified without authorization.

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