ICAMA\’s \”Enterprise Open Day\” Enhances Pesticide Registration Communication in China

Aug. 17th, 2023

Since May 2023, the Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (ICAMA) of China has launched the \”Enterprise Open Day\” program in order to improve its service mode and service level.

This initiative provides pesticide manufacturers, enterprises exporting pesticides to China, and new pesticide developers (hereinafter referred to as \”enterprises\”) with the opportunity of face-to-face communication, enabling them to discuss technical issues, seek solutions, and offer valuable suggestions.

By allowing enterprises to participate in the \”Enterprise Open Day\” prior to submitting their pesticide registration applications, ICAMA facilitates direct interaction between authorities and enterprises. This engagement enables fruitful discussions, enhances mutual understanding of technical matters, and assists enterprises in clarifying doubts or concerns regarding new pesticides, products, and technologies. It also helps enterprises mitigate registration risks, streamline their testing or registration plans, and safeguard their interests effectively.

To apply for the \”Enterprise Open Day,\” enterprises are required to submit relevant information, including communication content, issues to be addressed, participants, planned time, a designated contact person and relevant information, to ICAMA. After receiving the application, ICAMA reviews and determines the scheduling, promptly notifying the enterprise of the confirmed arrangements.

Other important matters to note:

  • The \”Enterprise Open Day\” is held once a month in principle.
  • Applications for products that have already undergone pesticide registration are generally not accepted.
  • The technical issues related to the identification of pesticide registration test units shall be implemented in accordance with this circular, and the re-evaluation office shall be responsible for them.

The introduction of the \”Enterprise Open Day\” initiative by ICAMA fosters stronger collaboration and communication between regulatory bodies and enterprises in China. This proactive approach not only facilitates smoother pesticide registration processes but also ensures that enterprises can address technical matters upfront, reducing potential risks and safeguarding their interests effectively.

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