Record Registration | China New Chemical Substance Notification (China REACH)

Applicable Conditions

Record Registration of General Substances: New chemical substances manufactured or imported with an annual volume of less than 1 ton;

Record Registration of Polymers: (no upper volume limit) Polymers containing less than 2% (w/w) monomers or reactants which are new chemical substances; Or polymers of low concern (PLC).

Registration Bodies

  • Manufacturers/direct importers of new chemical substances in China
  • Overseas companies planning to import new chemical substances to China (designate a representative agent when applying for the registration)

Required Materials

Required Materials Items Record Registration of General Substances Record Registration of Polymers
Application Form
Legal Person Certificate or Business License
Agent contract or agreement (for Overseas Applicant)
Power of Attorney (if necessary)
Polymer Information (monomer/reactant information, molecular weight distribution map (such as GPC Report), polymerization mechanism process, etc.)
Exclusion materials for record registration of polymers
Other information already obtained by the applicant on the environmental and health hazard properties and environmental risks of the substance

Note: If the polymer is less than 1 ton/year, the materials required for general substance filing can be submitted.

Data Requirements

Record registration of general substances: no data requirements.

Record registration of polymers: it is recommended to prepare the data of polymer stability (including oxidation, hydrolysis, heat, light, solvent or microorganism) and water absorption (when Mn is greater than 10000 Da).

Process of Record Registration

record registration

Registration Period

The registration period of record registration is 3~10 workdays.

Post-Registration Obligations

  • Information Transmission
  • Data Retention
  • New Hazard Information and Environmental Risk Tracking
  • Accept Environmental Supervision and Spot Checks

Related Information

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  • Representative Agent Service
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