Annual Report 2020 — Faithful & Fearless

Feb. 09th, 2021

As spring returns, we feel the clock restarts. 2020 was a non-traditional year full of many challenges and learning opportunities.

The 2020 Annual Report looks back at the key areas of engagement of REACH24H, its work to manage the many challenges that stemmed from the COVID-19 global pandemic and to expand global networks and horizontal knowledge sharing over the past year.

PDF 2020 Annual Report(9 MB)

Doubling Efforts Through Hard Times

In 2020, REACH24H continued its efforts in the compliance field, identify market needs and trends, presenting more resources and opportunities for quality producers and boosting industrial development idea, technology and management updating.

REACH24H helped a vast number of Chinese enterprises list in the EU BPR Article 95 List of Qualified Suppliers within 13 working days, providing professional support to more than 95% Chinese clients and supporting Chinese disinfection products access the European and American market.

Sustainable Innovation

In 2020, after years of efforts to explore new fields and technologies, REACH24H stepped into the pharmaceutical service and chemical safety service fields. Ruiou BaiPharm Service Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Haifan Science and Technology Co., Ltd. were established.

  • Ruiou BaiPharm Service Co., Ltd

Ruiou BaiPharm Service Co., Ltd provides technical services for the pharmaceutical industry and boasts pharmaceutical regulation technical and GMP compliance service teams and aiming to support pharmaceutical companies enter into target global markets.

  • Shanghai Haifan Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Haifan Science and Technology Co., Ltd. mainly focuses on safety compliance and specializes in delivering leading digitalized technology and software solutions as well as safety consultancy services. It helps enterprises accelerate the transformation from “fragmented” to “integrated” safety compliance.

Cooperation and Win-Win Benefits

Embracing globalization and win-win cooperation has become an industry consensus. REACH24H prioritizes opening borders to work towards a more “synergic future” with partners to realize mutual benefits and increase industry value.

REACH24H has a wonderful relationship with more than 60 trade groups around the world; this year, we joint held the CRAC-HCF2020 Virtual Forum with Helsinki Chemical Forum to share global compliance updates and marketing insights and attracted more than 9000 attendees from across the globe.

Regarding the government, REACH24H participated in the formulation of national standards and industry management systems. The national standards ” Guidelines for Road Transport of Dangerous Goods Packed in EQ and LQ” and ” Guidelines for the Use of Key Chemical Substances in Consumer Products ” have been officially published.

Our Response to COVID-19

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, efforts from all sectors have been made to face the pandemic. Masks, disinfectants and other daily protective supplies have become strategic and vital goods.

While guaranteeing its business continuity and employees’ safety and health, REACH24H raced against the pandemic to help ensure access to sufficient personal protective supplies within reach by taking advantages of its global resources and professional technical capacities.

Breaking New Ground in 2021

On this 2021, we look ahead with renewed efforts to blaze a new trail. Full of faith, we will keep promoting the deep integration of new regulatory trends and compliance technologies, and help enterprises take the strategic initiatives to cope with target markets with an innovative edge.

In 2021, REACH24H will continue to cooperate with Helsinki Chemicals Forum and undertake the 13th Chemical Regulatory Annual Conference (CRAC) & Asian Helsinki Chemical Forum by fully harnessing global resources and industrial influence.

October 2021, Hangzhou

Looking forward to meeting you by the side of West Lake!