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The Food Regulatory Affairs Division is a multidisciplinary team composed of technologists, toxicologists, nutritionists, chemists, regulatory analysts and language experts with vast insight and practical experience dealing with regulatory obligations. The food division established close bonds of friendship with government officials at a local and national level. With the efforts of meticulous management and professional service, the food division has successfully undertaken numerous compliance projects for companies exporting to China. Not only with a strong technical strength, is the team also equipped with international education background and work experience. They hold master or doctor degrees from foreign and domestic well-known universities in food and related majors. Such a diversified team ensures both a thorough understanding of the regulation and business environment in China and the high quality service standard that could meet the demand from all around the world.

We are convinced that REACH24H Food Division’s professional, efficient and superior services will assist you in removing the regulatory barriers on your road of entering the market.

Chemlinked, established in 2012 by REACH24H, is an English platform of regulatory information, covering chemical, food, cosmetic and agro-chemical industries. Chemlinked Food Portal Positions itself on providing the most up-to-date news, comments, database and consultations on food regulations around Asia Pacific regions.  During the past few years, Food portal has earned its reputation from the industry with its sharp insight of regulation changes, professional knowledge and user-friendly practical tools. Our members include big names such as Fonterra, PepsiCo, Nestle, Amway, Blackmores etc., and some “official” users such as MPI of New Zealand government, the Department of Agriculture of Australia and Embassy of Sweden in Beijing and so on.

We have 7 people in Chemlinked Food Team. They graduated from famous universities such as Lancaster University UK, University College Cork, University of Western Ontario Canada, Zhejiang University of Industry etc. majored in food science, food engineering, journalism, media, and linguistics.. Their professional background together with competent language ability ensures the high quality content on Food portal. In addition, two editors of us are from Europe and they do not only guarantee the native English but also the perspectives of foreigners who would like to enter the AP market. The native language style and the unique perspective ensures Chemlinked food portal fits the preferences of the users’ needs. 

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