Pet Food Q&A

1. Q: Can overseas pet food manufacturers apply to MoARA for import registration certificate directly?

A: Overseas enterprises are not allowed to apply for registration on a direct basis. They need domestic agencies or third-party agencies with independent legal status to apply on their behalf. 

2. Q: If overseas pet food enterprises entrust domestic agencies or third-party agencies to apply for registration on their behalf, which company will bear the official title on the final import registration certificate issued by the Ministry of Agriculture?

A: The import registration certificate will only show the name of the overseas pet food enterprise.

3. Q: Suppose there are two ingredients in the imported pet food, one is listed in the feed material catalogue, and the other is not listed in these catalogues, does the product need to be reviewed for the import registration and approval of the ministry of Agriculture?

A: Yes, if the pet food contains a new ingredient/feed additive it will need to be approved following the review process for these products.

4. Q:  What will be the impact of the regulations on pet feed labelling which will take effect from September 1, 2019?

A: Labels attached to domestic and imported pet feed products produced after September 1, 2019 will have to meet the requirements of the regulations on pet feed labels.


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