How to label food flavor?

If as a food raw material, directly marked as "food flavor / food spices / edible flavors and fragrances" ; If the fragrance is sold as a separate product, it should be marked  as "food flavors, food flavor ingredients"; if there are some other food additives, it should be marked with those other food additives' names.

How to deal with non-compliant labeling of pre-packaged food?

Non-compliant labeling of pre-packaged food is dealt with in the following two scenarios:
(1) If the non-compliant label of imported pre-packaged food is related to safety, health and environment protection issues, then the corresponding pre-packaged food shall be returned or destroyed.
(2) Otherwise, the consignee may have an opportunity to revise the noncompliant labels. If the revised label is still non-compliant with relevant regulations, the corresponding product shall be returned or destroyed.

What compulsory information should be labeled on pre-packaged food in china?

According to GB 7718-2011 National Food Safety Standard General Standard for the Labeling of Prepackaged Foods, the compulsory information for the label of pre-packaged food include Name of product, ingredients, net weight, country of origin, name, address, contact information of importer, production date, shelf-life, storage condition.

Is an allergic tip necessary to be indicated on the labels?

Currently, there are no mandatory requirements for allergic information. However, it could be a trend in the future that the allergic information will be a necessary item on the label. 

Is there any issue with the Infant Formula product with English labeling produced in manufacturers registered by CNCA via CBEC?

According to current regulations of CBEC, it is OK for overseas infant formula without Chinese labeling. Also there is no requirement of complying with China national standards.

Does liquid infant formula need to register?

Currently, formula registration only applies to infant formula powder. Liquid infant formula is exempted from registration.

With respect to Blue Hat registration, is there a publically accessible database or list of registered products?

Registered products database can be queried through the official website of CFDA from:

Are processing aids required to be labeled in the ingredients list?

According to Article of GB7718 National Food Safety Standard General Standard for the Labeling of Prepackaged Foods, the list of ingredients shall bear the introducer of “Ingredients” or “List of ingredients”, and all raw materials, auxiliary materials, and food additives shall be listed in accordance with the requirements in related provisions. The processing aids need not be indicated in the list of ingredients. Health food is one kind of prepackaged food, which is applicable to GB 7718. Therefore, the processing aids used in the health food processing need not be indicated in the list of ingredients.

Which regulation defines the fortification substance that can be used to fortify the drink, and to which food category does it apply?

GB 14880-2012 National Food Safety Standard Standard for the Use of Nutritional Fortification Substances in Foods defines the fortification substances that can be used to fortify drink. For milk beverage, it shall comply with related regulations of milk beverage (14.03.01), beverage (14.0) and protein beverage (14.03), while for the drink for pregnant women,the fortified nutrients are listed in GB 31601-2015 and related fortification substances are regulated in table C.1 of Appendix C in GB 14880.

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