Toxicological Risk Assessment (TRA) Service

Sep. 15th, 2014


TRA (Toxicological Risk Assessment) is to assess hazardous property of each ingredient in the product and the product itself. It also speculates the product’s property in exposure scenarios and their corresponding risks when in use. TRA aims at judging safety of a product under certain circumstances. In the meanwhile, it will also concern whether the product conforms to relevant laws and regulations in different countries.


Significances of having TRA

1. Optimize product performance and improve product design

As a universal risk assessment towards all ingredients in a product, TRA helps companies to pinpoint the health impact of hazardous substances while providing potent leads for optimizing product performance and improve product design. Not exaggeratingly, having TRA is a powerful support of safety technology in the research and development of a company’s product.

2. Authoritative certification of product safety technology

A TRA report is only viewed as valid once it is issued by expert of toxicologist credential. A signature from experts accredited by the world’s leading certification system such as DABT and ERT is itself a solid guarantee of the product’s safety technology.

3. Elevate the product’s market competitiveness

The TRA report’s unchallenged authority in product safety assessment implies that a TRA-certified product enjoys elevated credibility in the marketplace, which in turn considerably boosts its competitiveness. Particularly under the context when regulations are established in many countries and regions such as EU, US, Canada and Australia where mandatory requirements for TRA report are clearly stated towards the imported product, international business ventures are meeting greater opportunity to catapult competitive edge.


Our services

1. Assessment towards each and every chemical ingredient’s toxicity in a product

>> Our expert will carry out assessment towards every single ingredient’s hazard and intrinsic toxicity in a product while in use, including acute toxicity, skin/eye irritation, the potential hazard of skin sensitizing, reproduction toxicity, genetic toxicity and carcinogenicity.

>> Our expert will conduct analysis and offer assessment result towards the mixed toxicological property of all chemical ingredients in a product

2. Assessment over the potential hazard in misuse of the product

3. We provide a series of solution package in facing regulations which have requirements for TRA, including:

>> EU general goods safety Directive

>> EU toy regulations

>> Canadian hazardous chemical/toy regulations

>> American toy regulations

>> American hazardous art material label Directive LHAMA/ASTM D4236

>> A multitude of regulations launched by CPSC


Our Advantages

1. Extensive industry coverage

REACH24H provides currently the most comprehensive TRA service in mainland China, covering numerous industries that require TRA report. Based on supports from the company’s strong risk assessment expert team and our longtime involvement in the research of chemical risk assessment, we now boasts leading position in TRA service for products in contact with human body and chemical safety. By now, our service system has swept over the following industries:

>> Toy, baby product, stationery and art material

>> Food, food additive, food contact material and feed

>> Textile, footwear and leather

>> Household products: Air freshener, instrument cleaner/care solution, lubricant, anti-freezing, disinfectant, preservative, bleacher, insecticide, etc.

>> Dipping products such as dye, coating and other process agents such as bleacher.

>> Novel products, green products, DIY, etc.

2. Highly-recognized report issued by toxicologist accredited by world’s leading certification system

All TRA reports produced in REACH24H are signed off by DABT-certified toxicologist. DABT is currently the world’s largest certification organization to improve the professional capability of toxicologist, with the most sophisticated certification system. The TRA report issued by toxicologist accredited by DBAT is of the supreme credibility in the world.

3. Comprehensive, detailed and precise assessment process

REACH24H pledge to offer customer certification of utmost authority while ensuring the entire assessment process goes in a comprehensive, detailed and precise may.

4. Customized service package to meet diversified needs

Our TRA service begins with strict and appropriate product analysis, adopting different assessment strategies towards different product characteristics and the exposure scenarios when in use. With the precondition to ensure the risk assessment results reliable and precise, we are in a constant quest of providing highly efficient customized service.

Particularly when the product fails to pass TRA assessment, meaning there’s need for ingredient adjustment, we can offer pre-assessment forecast in order to help customer review the product’s ingredient with a hope to avoid unnecessary expense.

5. Peculiar versatility to sustain the report’s validity under different regulatory systems around the world

TRA report issued by REACH24H is highly adaptive and able to meet requirements under the primary regulatory systems around the globe, including in US, EU, Canada, Australia, etc.

6. One-stop efficient Cloud file management

The TRA issued by REACH24H and its relevant documents will be under management of our advanced one-stop Cloud mechanism. Customers may upload, download and deliver documents on this IT platform as well as conduct product management anytime, enabling company and its importer to search targeted information.