SVHC Assessment

Oct. 14th, 2015

What is SVHC?

SVHC, its full name is substances of very high concern. According to the definition of SVHC by ECHA under the EU REACH regulation, Substances that may have serious and often irreversible effects on human health and the environment can be identified as substances of very high concern (SVHCs). If a substance is identified as an SVHC, it will be added to the Candidate List for eventual inclusion in the Authorisation List.

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What kind of substances will be listed into SVHC?

  1. Under EU REACH regulation, substances that are one of the following can be regarded as substance of very high concern(SVHC):
  2. carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic to reproduction (CMRs);
  3. persistent, bio-accumulative and toxic (PBTs);
  4. very persistent and bio-accumulative (vPvBs);
  5. seriously and / or irreversibly damaging the environment or human health, as substances damaging the hormone system;

SVHC Candidate List 2018

The competent authority or agency of a Member State can suggest the inclusion of a substance with above properties on SVHC candidate list by preparing a dossier. Interested parties are then invited to comment on the substance for which a dossier has been prepared. The resulting outcome of this identification process is the creation of a list of identified substances, which are then deemed candidates for authorization. ( “SVHC candidate list”).

Some substances from the candidate list will be prioritized for authorization and be included in Annex XIV (“SVHC authorization list”). Those substances on authorization list will not be allowed to be used, placed on the market or imported into the EU after a date to be set unless the company is granted an Authorization.

There are 181 substances on SVHC candidate list (last updated: 16 Jan 2018).

The Impact of SVHC for Industries

SVHC have posed new challenges to article suppliers. Here articles suppliers mean non-EU article exporters, EU importers and manufacturers of articles (Electronic products, Automobile products, textile products, Toys, Stationery products, hard good and almost all other retailer products, etc.)

Under the EU REACH Regulation, an article is defined as an object which during production is given a special shape, surface or design, which determines its function to a greater degree that does its chemical composition. e.g. car, clothes, toys, electronics. Thus, the limitation on SVHCs set out in the REACH regulation, has a broad scope, affecting lots of industries.
SVHCs have been introduced to various consumer products due to the complexities of supply chain and manufacturing process and therefore companies should comply with the requirements of REACH relating to the presence of SVHC in their products and screen their products for SVHCs to ensure that they are safe for their consumers.
More importantly, companies shall monitor the update of SVHC candidate list or authorization list closely. Every time when a SVHC candidate list or authorization list is updated, you shall re-evaluate your products and your obligations under REACH.

The obligation under SVHC

If your article contains substance(s) included in the SVHC list in concentration above 0.1% (w/w), you need to fulfill the following obligations:

  1. Duty to communication information on SVHCs – according to REACH article 33;
  2. If the annual exporting volume of substance is over 1 ton per year, then Notification of SVHC in articles to ECHA- according to REACH article 7(2);

CPSD of REACH24H service Includes:

  1. SVHC Assessment Report/ SVHC compliance report for all types of consumer products(such as Electronic products, Automobile products, textile products, Toys, Stationery products, hard good and almost all other retailer products, etc.)
  2. REACH Compliance for consumer products
  3. Supply Chain REACH Compliance
  4. SVHC Risk Assessment
  5. Consumer Products SDS and Label making

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