China REACH (China New Chemical Substance Notification Compliance)

Feb. 16th, 2011

REACH24H Consulting is a qualified Chinese OR-like representative agent for new substance registration, offers as complete China REACH compliance service including:


  • Free Consultation on the new China REACH regulation

Contact the China REACH helpdesk for more information on the new regulation. Many inquiries our China REACH are concerning the notification types, test data requirements, the scope of notification and the post-notification obligations.


  • IECSC Comprehensive Search

REACH24H Consulting can prepare your formal inquiry to the Chemical Registration Centre to search the confidential substances on the IECSC inventory


  • Registration of new substances under China REACH

REACH24H Consulting notifies substances under all the notification types: Scientific Record Notification, Simplified Notification (General and Special cases) or Regular Notification.


  • IECSC Supplementation (Suspended Now!)

According to the Nov-18 MEP notice, IECSC Supplementation has been cancelled since 18 November 2011!


  • Post-notification substance tracking & management

REACH24H Consulting will fulfill your post-notification requirements including submission of the first activities report and annual reports.


  • Education: Workshops and Translations

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