REACH24H Consulting Group

Mar. 26th, 2014

REACH24H is an internationally renowned technological services company with the headquarter in Hangzhou, China and branches in Ireland, the United States, and Taiwan. The company has a number of internationally certified toxicologists, specialized safety appraisers, and risk assessment experts. By creating a 24-hour global consulting service network and a technical experts team, REACH24H provides one-stop international market entrance services. Our services cover a broad range of industries such as industrial chemicals, agrochemicals, cosmetics, food and food contact materials, and consumer products. Service content includes product notification and registration, regulatory information, news and compliance warning, training seminars and open courses, as well as Internet-based supply chain management software.

“Value in Compliance” is REACH24H’s mission statement. Founded in 2009, REACH24H has provided technical supports for governments, associations and social organizations, served over 6,000 well-known companies and completed tens of thousands of projects from product notification, registration to consulting. To remove trade barriers and promote global trade integration, REACH24H has offered outstanding technical services. REACH24H is continually abided by a healthy, green, and sustainable development philosophy by adhering strictly to compliance service. Through assisting companies in carrying out risk assessments in advance, we can provide the most effective solutions and the most reliable support to our clients and vanguard people’s safety and well-being.

【Product Registration, Notification and Consulting】

REACH24H is devoted to provide companies with product notification, registration, and consulting services. Starting with the compliance of EU REACH, REACH24H has received orders from American, Japanese, South Korean, and Southeast Asian industries for chemical consultation services. Our service areas continued to expand into pesticides, food products, cosmetics, consumer products, and into many other areas of the industries. REACH24H has grown as one of the leading companies of international compliance services.

As global trade integration deepens, more and more enterprises are beginning to pay attention to transnational trade. However, due to growth imbalance from country to country, trade barriers arise among countries. The information & alert service of REACH24H keeps enterprises informed about relating information and regulation news of trading nations and gives an alert on possible risks, which builds a transnational information bridge.

【Information and News Alerts 】

REACH24H created the first multi-lingo platform which focuses on Asia-Pacific chemicals and consumer products related regulations – Chemlinked. The news alert platforms co-built by REACH24H and the government can help identify possible trade risks and hazards, such as “Public Service Platform for Shanghai’s Municipal Technical Trade Measures”, “Zhejiang Platform for Technical Barriers to Trade Service”, “Platform for Chemical Export and Supply Chain Trade Barriers Regulation Knowledge and Compliance Strategy Service”, etc.

【Software and Informatization 】

REACH24H aims to offer clients efficient compliance solutions with internet technology in the age of information. In particular, REACH cloud use modular software, making upstream and downstream enterprises accessible to compliance registration data of different countries, in-house enciphered registration data and SDS data and connect inhouse SAP. REACH24H upgrades supply communication and safety compliance for organizations in a one-stop manner.

Conferences, Workshops and Webinars

As an important means of information exchange, conferences, trainings and open courses are an integral part of REACH24H services. Since 2009, REACH24H has organized hundreds of courses, covering dozens of countries, and it has provided popular courses on EU REACH laws and regulations, CSCL, new chemical substance notification, etc. REACH24H has jointly and individually hosted leading regulatory conferences, such as Chemical Regulatory Annual Conference (CRAC), to create opportunities for experts in chemical industry to network, disseminate the latest updates in regulatory affairs and provide practical regulatory compliance strategies. Our strong local presence in China and professionals who specialize in the regulations will help companies to enter the Chinese market successfully, because here in REACH24H, we believe in stable, sustainable development and your success.