Mar. 27th, 2014

Since first founded, REACH24H has made tremendous achievements in providing regulatory services, consulting services, and digital services. Up to date, REACH Regulation succeed in providing notification, registration, and consulting service for more than 13,000 cases, 6,000 clients across the globe, over 10 patents, assisting the process of chemical regulations standardization, break-down of trade barriers and trade globalization.

In 2008, REACH24H submitted the first Reach pre-registration and acquired the first pre-registration number, the first new substances registration number and the first phrase-in substances number in China.

In 2009, REACH24H translated Introduction to Risk Assessment of Chemicals into Chinese.This year, REACH24H, inviting ECHA, held the first Chemical Regulation Annual Conference. In the next 7 years, CRAC has been held annually, involving officials and experts from ECHA, CRC, NRCC, authorities of Netherland, UK, Germany, US, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and so on.

In 2010, REACH24H became the largest chemical compliance service provider in China: we signed up with the strongest Fortune 500 company Petro China, as well as dozens of largest China institutions, and became their only chemical compliance service provider. In June, we, with Petro China and CPCIF, attended the workshop on the six supportive documents of China Reach in Beijing. Nie Jingjing, head of NRCC, addressed on the meeting. We started EU CLP service, and in October made the first SDS and label which comply with EU CLP regulations in China. At the same time, we started to provide global GHS compliance service.

In 2011, REACH24H became the first Lead Registrant (LR) in China as a third-party consultant agency. We started to provide service globally complying with Decree 591 (China Regulations on the Control over Safety of Hazardous Chemicals).

In 2012, REACH24H started several projects: with Selerant Asia Corp., we developed SDS making software; with Zhejiang Standardization Institute, we built a SME-oriented anti trade barriers service providing platform; we established long-term relationships with The Wercs Ltd., providing China chemical regulation services to the whole supply chain of influential purchasing agency; with ChemADVISOR, we launched LOLI database and program GCRR. In May, we accomplished the 300th REACH regulation. Same year, we started BPR compliance service, and as LR, we were the first in China to sell LOA to SIEF members.

In 2013, REACH24H successfully submitted LR dossier for another substance of high tonnage band. Also, we started to improve service complying with China Cosmetics, China Pesticide and others. In December, we announced a long-term partnership with JCDB (Japan Chemical Database Ltd.).

In 2014, In July  REACH24H officially announced the establishment of three major new service divisions, namely the Industrial Chemical&Material Division (consisting of the industrial chemical division and agrochem and materials division) , Food Division and Cosmetics Division. In September, we expand our business into U.S. by establishing REACH24H USA Inc.

In 2015, REACH24H blazes K-REACH trail by being first Non-Korean company to submit successful registration dossier in February. And we attended Global 2015 as a sponsor.

In 2016, REACH24H was nominated by the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Tax as a “National High-Tech Enterprise” and a “National Certified Technology Enterprise.” In December, REACH24H and the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export Textile and Apparel jointly created the ZFR Textile Regulation/RSL Data Searching System.

In February 2017, REACH24H moved into our new office in Haichuang Technology Center.


Our Partners

Our partners are government authorities, industry associations, and other chemical regulatory providers. We socialize with government agencies to keep communication channels open and benefit our clients, and to build close relationship with industries we actively attend various associations. By cooperating with other chemical regulatory providers, we are improved and gain mutual benefit and growth.
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